February 27, 2012

busy B...something promising

My ACAD critique was today. My students did a good job in their delivery.  I received a really nice email based on my student evaluation forms from extended studies class.

Hi, Brian – I just read your evaluations and have to say CONGRATULATIONS on a great job! Your students are very happy with both the course content and your presentation – they really appreciate your attitude.

Thanks for doing a terrific job!

Attitude is everything!

I also received this email invitation from Calgary 2012:

On behalf of Calgary 2012 we would like to welcome you to the role of Cultural Ambassador!!
What identifies a cultural ambassador: a communicator, connector, instigator and facilitator of arts and cultural in Calgary; an important role as Calgary celebrates it’s designation of Cultural Capital of Canada.

Within the next few weeks you will be getting a job description and an invitation to attend an information session about what it means to be a Cultural Ambassador.
This sounds like a fun opportunity to participate and be part of the arts community in this special year!

Tonight, after my ACAD class, and for the next two weeks, I have signed up for a bar tending course. I love learning new things. This is the kind of homework one can really enjoy. Soon, I'll be truly able to be the host with the most. Shaken not stirred;)

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