October 24, 2010

8 heads high

Testing a theory....

Saw this ad that really caught my attention, and my friends made comments about how strong an suggestive it was to them too. Kept the ad, then transferred it to my sketchbook.
Anatomomical drawing theory say's the human is 8 heads high: I think it may be closer to 7 heads, in actuality, cause she's on the tips of her toes.  Drawn in HB with a mechanical pencil, along with a few sketches of objects I could see from where I was sitting in my living room.

 What is so suggestive about a gal in her panties?
An ominous piggy on a fedora and snakes and a ladder.

October 13, 2010

Cast Skulls

Back to making some stuff, ie: sculpture.I decided to do some casting of skulls and what not to build my creatures upon and to try some new casting materials out.  Here is how it's going so far. I'm not going to go into all the little details as I build it, it takes too much time away from making the object anyhow.

I took apart the pieces from a toy skeleton, and taped the inside holes so that when I make the mold it wont seep in.

Here it is, you can kind of see the tape, meanwhile I put back together the object for casting.

Here is my stuff as I get ready to get goopy. Covered the table, got stir sticks, a disposable cup, my smooth on product, nitrile gloves, a paint brush.

I decided to weight out the 2 part rebound 25 mix. It is a 1:1 ratio, because it is my first time using this product. Better safe than sorry. I found it quite thick and cumbersome to work with at first.

I use my kitchen timer to time the 3 min mixing period and decided to work the molds on foil for easier removal.  The next step is to paint on a thin layer of the rebound 25, to pick up the details of the object.

So here is layer 1. It takes an hour to set up. So I set the kitchen timer and do something else.  After this step, basically I keep doing the same thing, using a thicker version to fill in the eye sockets and any undercuts to ensure the material is extra strong there. It is recommended that you do 4 layers for maximum elasticity and strength so with await period of about and hour for it to tack up and about 15 min of work time with each layer the whole mold process takes about 5-6 hrs. I finished at about 12:30am, washed up and went to bed while I waited for it to cure completely.

October 9, 2010

Pink Haired Cutie Honey

every time I see a well drawn and enticing cartoon cutie, I want to raw it. The thing is though, I fond them really easy to look at but really hard to draw well. At least for me.  Something I am going to work on improving.  I'm great at making them look ugly by using too many lines, but this little honey turned out. 

I fist sketched this with HB pencil, while simultaneously watching a "Nature of Things with David Suzuki" (I love that show, learning while drawing.) The lines were drawn over with my Copic multiliners (I tried out various sizes) and then the outer line was thickened and the colors were filled in with both Prismacolor and Copic markers. My collection of copic is growing as the Prismacolor begin to dry out,they can't be refilled an they stink way worse, so I'm switching over....slowly as copic's are twice the price;P

October 8, 2010

Sea monster

I really like collecting images, but instead of just printing them out and glueing them somewhere, or cutting them out of magazines............I like to add them to my sketchbook an get some drawing experience from it. This is drawn from an old school comic strip about the Loch ness monster. It was one straight in copic multiliner and colored with various copic colors.

October 6, 2010

Exclaim This!!!

Cartoon Curses!
For a while there blogger wasn't allowing me to upload any drawings.
What you see above is how I felt, and what was said during this set back.