March 24, 2016

My final figure class

The Figure Drawing classes I taught at ACAD seemed to come and go so quickly. I had a terrific group and I'm sad to see them go s soon, it feels like we were just beginning to pick up speed. We did some warm ups them worked on a single long pose drawing for about 2hrs total. Of course, we can always use more time. Hopefully I see the work of these drawers at future figure drawing events and courses around town in the future. here is a sampling of the near completed drawings from the final session tonight.

Holy Bible, It is Good Friday tomorrow...... For once in a blue moon I actually have off work so I am going to take myself out on a treat date to Bodyworlds to do some drawing myself, I am excited!

March 17, 2016

EPISODE 8 "no rest for the wicked"

I was reluctant to put this one out after realizing how tired working myself to the bone has got me. I wasn't going to post it but I decided to do it anyway for you. Hopefully it goes to show you how hard artists can work and the time lapse gives a bit of insight into my process. Check it out on my You tube channel/below.

I have a lot of things coming to a head, classes and jobs are coming to a close in the next month and a half, comic expo is on the horizon,  another free sketchy sounds night at Local 510, instructing figure drawing at Body worlds, the publishing of this years Blackfoot Graphic novel, a big trip to Japan and much more!

March 13, 2016

Sampler - Oil vs. Acrylic

The great divide. I don't want to pick one favourite over another as both mediums have their uses, strengths and weaknesses. I advise you to try both unless the decision is for a certain reason, such as space, pets, ventilation etc. Both have a lot to offer and there is tons you can do with either. At the end of the day painting is still just pushing colourful goop on a stick covered in hair.

Acrylic sampler previous Sunday's pieces:

Oil Sampler this Sunday, some of the pieces:

Given the short amount of time and the varying degrees of experience and class size, the participants did great in both samplers, and hopefully found some inspiration for them to continue on with the noble craft of painting =;D

My classes are the best.....

.......but the students last class let me know that they know and that they are humble anyway.

This makes me laugh so hard. Sometimes my students think I'm being hard on them for trying to get them to push further in their skills and development. Did somebody say Art was going to be easy because I don't remember then bit. It can be a real grind and the only way to improve is constant practice and study no matter how you look at it.
In my figure drawing class we did a long lit detail study for the last half of the class and the pieces really began turning out. More time would be better for most drawings but lets not overlook the value of way less time too.

Persistence is key, so keep it up and keep practicing guys and girls you are doing great.
In the words of Mark Kistler "Draw. Draw. Draw."

March 8, 2016

Fabric Folds

In a continuation the work with tone, in the previous post and discussed in my latest video which you can see above, we focused on more work with value. This time working on toned cream coloured Canson brand paper and drawing a study of draped fabric. This is an amazingly valuable exercise in building your observational skills and technical capabilities.
 Take a look at some of the pieces mid process.
 And how the darks and lights have been treated.
 And how solutions are developed alongside the work.
 How the values are observed then pushed further.

 And softness and texture applies.

 Adding in material....
 Then taking it away...
 Building up tone and background values, and adding shadows and highlights

Until it looks as real and velvety as it feels.