September 9, 2016


Upon my return I decided to begin a daily drawing challenge on instagram with the Dungeon Degenerates Monster drawing Club. I've had a tough time since my return because my gear was stolen from my luggage, then I had a wedding to go to and following all that jet lag and sickness caught up with me. More in the M.I.A. video below.
So here is the list and though I do not draw monsters in particular or have an affinity for the subject matter, its good just to have a kick in the seat of ones pants. So if you are interested in drawing along with me begin where you can. Being ill, some days I didn't feel up to par or particularly motivated, while others helped me pass the time and were inspiring. Here are the sketches from the first week.

I may go back and revisit some of these and add some colour.
Here is the list in my sketchbook as I cross them off the list one by one,  more to come!