February 28, 2014

Lucky Bunny Part 2

What I do with the Lego gift is the exciting part, and the extremely nerdy part. As an artist and animator I can't help but set up my gear on night and time lapsing the assembly of my new toy. What can I say?! Afterward I pump it into After Effects and use some of my skills in the digital realm to put it together into a pretty package, check it out below!

February 20, 2014

One lucky Bunny!

Well today just got even better, My friend Joe and his Dad Dan popped into my work this morning to drop off an unexpected gift, and check out the wicked wrap job!
We hung out at Devonian gardens last night after work and talked shop, Joe is planning on making his own science show to carry on what he begun at Beakerhead this year. I mentioned my LEGO collecting addiction cause I shook the box and I could tell what it was, the surprise was even better once I opened it!
WHAT?!?!?!?!? A Volkswagon Camper Van kit!!!!! Way too awesome, I am so stoked it is going to be difficult to get thru work not wanting to assemble this, alas I'll have to use the force.
Here is a quick After Effects project I put together today as a demo and for kicks and QAS. Check it out. I don't expect it'll get over 50,000 hits like the the video I launched last week, but I'm not counting anyway. lol.  If you want to see the AF Satori animation check it out below.

February 14, 2014

Week-end update 2, but wait there's more

On friday night I bought a ticket to the Landscape demo at Swinton's Art Supply. When I showed up the owner, Doug asked me if I liked Vodka. That was a trick question because before I knew it I had slammed back a few too many screwdrivers and thus was a screwed driver in that I couldn't drive him. lol.
Neil Patterson gave a demo and wisdom session to a full house. It was fun watching him work the crowd while working the paint. He's quick, that's what years of experience can do for a painter and not a drop on his outfit = pro. It was great hanging out with the Swinton's crew and reconnecting with Milo who gave me my first break at the Sugar Estate Gallery back in the day.
Before and after After Effects. lol. Thanks class for being awesome!

We began the advanced animation portion of the class after a brief review of the principles and functions of how after effects with key framing transform properties. I taught the students how to make their work more professional by using the 5 types of motion. In order to do this I demonstrated a variety of ways to adjust the velocity and behaviour of the keyframes using the graph editor as well as keyframe assistant etc.
We also launched the animated music video/novella I have been working at in my "spare" moments. It is done in After effects with scanned watercolour drawings. Take a look.  I am on the last week of art production for the Aboriginal Youth Animation Project and we are really behind, which is to be expected. Stress levels are rising as deadlines are quickly approaching but I am really looking forward to a long week-end so I can catch up on household chores where needed.

February 11, 2014

Week-end update

It is no secret that every moment of everyday I have something on the go. It has been an exciting week as we quickly veering toward the Holiday of love, I am looking forward to the fact that it is a long week-end and I only have quality R & R planned for once!

It is our last week of art production Aboriginal Youth Animation Project. Now the participants are under the gun and are finally exhibiting the type of work ethic needed to be an animation artist. Fingers crossed they can keep up the pace in order to get it done. Our screening isn't until March 30th at the Globe but there is a tonne of post production to do before then, during which they are placed in job internships in a related field. It seems like the time has passed so quickly. After the screening day I'll be out of a job and onto new yet unknown creative adventures.

I took part painting kids faces for a Snow Day event.  The room was chaos, 10 ft. away was a bouncy castle I have never really seen kids line up and be so patient like they do when it is time to get their faces painted. I was to busy to snap shots of all the other kids, but I did do some really good ones. The girls got snow flake ice princess designs and my personal best the my little pony unicorn pegasus wings around the eyes like a butterfly, my most popular design. The boys got iron man, spider man, and Silas got a Lego Chimas lion guy, special request. As seen above, this is how it looked after a play session in the snow and bouncy castle and after eating and rubbing it a bit, it held up fairly good.

I took over the acrylic and oil samplers at Swinton's art Supply.  It was a really good class, I am stoked to be using my Sundays at Swinton's educating future artists. I created quite extensive notes for an into to accompany my demonstrations. Hopefully the complexity and perceived expense which causes oils to seem for boding has been melted away. For first time painters the full class produced works to be proud of! I look forward to seeing what they come up with in the future, now that they are off on the right foot.

Both of my evening classes are running at Quickdraw Animation Society. The After Effects is full and we went over our cap!  This group has done far better on the first day than any class I have taught before. I must have honed my teaching skills enough now to really propel the students. Maybe it's not me a t all and they just all get the hang of it. either way I look forward tot eh next 11 evenings to see them transform their skill set. I have a really eager group in my Advanced Animation class who have all taken classes before and can create a walk cycle on day 1. The work load for this class is heavy and very technical but by the end they will have a short bit of finished work and a plan with with to grow their practice as animators. The pic above is Duncan our Technical Director repositioning the classroom and Chris Jones one of my students.

I'm off to get fitted for a suit during my lunch break. even when it's break time I've got something on the go. lol.

Ciao for now.