March 20, 2011

Playing with Pencil Crayons

Funny how playing with my pencil crayons, I drew common things kids played with from the 80's. Transformers, My little Pony and Battle Cat from He-man.

These pencil crayons are nice, picked 'em up at my local art supply store, Inglewood Art Supply.  They are LYRA brand Rembrant Polycolor. They have really soft leads, strong hues and they appear to blend nicely.

March 18, 2011

Proud Teacher

As some of you may know, I am a man of many skills and talents, you may also know that I teach animation to put food on the table. I have been teaching animation full-time for the past 20 weeks to Aboriginal Youth at the Quickdraw Animation Society.  Tomorrow, Saturday, we will be screening the work at the PLAZA theatre in Kensington. The screening will take place at 5pm and there will be a celebration/reception at Quickdraw to follow. Please come own, it's free!

Here is a link to the Facebook Event Page. 


 Tomorrow is the big day. Come check it out!


My Aboriginal Youth Animation Project was covered in today's Herald newspaper.

Check out the story HERE

A picture from the Herald of one of my most promising classical animation students, Dre First Rider.

March 16, 2011

Rojankovsky Fairy Tales

I love the nostalgic almost naive style and stories from the books I read when I was a wee lad.  They are so simple and pure.  Here are a few inspired by a recent view of John K, the creator of Ren and Stimpy's blog, which I follow.  If you like what you see here, why not follow mine?

These were sketched quickly in photo blue pencil/ HB then outline with a 0.7 Copic Multiliner an colored in with Prismacolor. I think this drawing will look spiffy once the paper yellows and the color fades.

March 8, 2011

Lurk & Bang monkey

A friend showed me this video that really sums up the hilarity and level of disturbing of modern mankind.  I think it reminds us how close we can get in relation to our animal ancestors to the true grit of survival. 

Word of caution............. If you want to see it........... I will point you in the direction, but I'm not going to make it a link to my blog and I'll say It wasn't me who led you astray.  You sicko's will have to do the leg work for yourselves, it's almost too easy. Try these three simple words  chimp + rape + frog. That should be enough, it was for him. (he he he)

This is the first inspiration concept for some printing/silk screening I'd like to do for my fellow shambhalian crewmembers.

Yes, we have no bananas

As they were eaten one by one,
their population dwindled, 
those that were left .............
..........began to turn.............

I sketched the whole bunch of bananas a few days ago.
(see previous blog entry, click here)
This is the final one that remained.
Well at least until the sketch was completed.

Sketched using HB for the initial outline and prismacolor markers for the rest.

March 4, 2011

Help me name my little pony

Students of mine were actually arguing in class about whether or not unicorns have wings. No. Unicorns just have a horn,  isn't that enough? Pegasus had wings.

But my little pony can be whatever he wants............
and if that means exposed, spotted and a little gay, then I'm fine with that.

However, he does need a name, any suggestions?

My favorite colors together are pink and blue. The blue is 'cause this little unicron is a boy, just look down to his unicock. The outline was done in red sharpie, 'cause that is what I had in front of me at the time.  I waited until I got home from work to use some colors from my Copic collection. I just love my copic markers.

There was no question, I was intent on using pink, I just love pink, what can I say?   I used to have a bright pink mowhawk in high school and the color has stuck with me ever since. I always have something pink of, even my hankies are pink, showing my colors. (insert Lurk and Bang gang symbol in here) If you don't see any pink, don't ask, I have an extensive manties collection from Priape.

So what about my little unicrons name?

Here are some of the ideas I got from friends:

Niel Patrick Harris
Jarome Iginla and
Blew me

Thanks guys an gals, these are brilliant. Now I've got to design more ponies!

March 3, 2011


These were on my table. I had a sketchbook and a HB mechanical pencil in hand.

I have a good theory involving bananas right before you go out dancing.

March 1, 2011

Beard and the babe or beauty and the beard

I heard word my good friend is feeling a little under the weather. So I channeled my magickal energies to give him some strength, like conan the barbarian if he were a dwarf. I had this idea running in my head since Valentines and I think I will make another attempt on Canvas in the near future in a cheesy airbrush the side of a van meets Boris Vallejio style.  My wish is that he feels better and that the painting is epic!

Hb on paper. 

Here is the head cut out and quickly colored in Adobe Photoshop so said friend can use it as his facebook profile picture. 

 I then decided to tweak the design a bit more. I think he needs a bigger head so I enlarged it on a photocopier and pasted it in my sketchbook.