March 1, 2011

Beard and the babe or beauty and the beard

I heard word my good friend is feeling a little under the weather. So I channeled my magickal energies to give him some strength, like conan the barbarian if he were a dwarf. I had this idea running in my head since Valentines and I think I will make another attempt on Canvas in the near future in a cheesy airbrush the side of a van meets Boris Vallejio style.  My wish is that he feels better and that the painting is epic!

Hb on paper. 

Here is the head cut out and quickly colored in Adobe Photoshop so said friend can use it as his facebook profile picture. 

 I then decided to tweak the design a bit more. I think he needs a bigger head so I enlarged it on a photocopier and pasted it in my sketchbook.

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