November 28, 2017


....of the website plus Atelier Artista are now on FB!!!

A special thanks goes out to Melissa Cole who is spending hours to update the website and give it that read over and touch it definitely needed. It is more cohesive in its design and presentation. Plus all the content has been reviewed and edited. Take a look

Atelier Artista is now on Facebook!

 Our first big event listing is for the 1 year Anniversary party! So please like and follow our page, and keep up to date with all the happenings at the studio through Facebook.

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November 27, 2017

Arts Academy self portraits

Some of the youth already completed their acrylic self portrait paintings in class. We only have a couple of sessions remaining, they have come along way in a short period of time.

Here are a more that were finished the following week-end:

November 26, 2017

figure drawing at ACAD

We are nearing the end of the semester for figure drawing at ACAD.
Here are a couple of snapshots of the drawings the students did of Stephen.

Student show and sale @ Atelier Artista

Turned my space over to the students this week-end and they did a wonderful job maing a pofessional showing.
They had on display works in progress, prints and some master copies.
It looked terrific and we had a string of visitors all day and evening.

November 25, 2017


Above is the latest episode, new reworked work on exhibition in 3D and student art show ad sale at Atelier Artista!

November 24, 2017

Figuring it out

This post is to help anyone wanting to know the breakdown of  process and time I do my figure drawings. Each sitting is approx. 20 min. In the first sitting I try and get the gesture and the major shapes and cast shadows blocked in. I've indicated the placement of the head and its size but haven't gotten lost in the details.

Next, I add further refinements and begin the "window dressing" from top down, the first session the head and shoulders.
Then I just keep moving down. This time torso, breasts and part of the upper leg. I leave the hands out because I feel its better to leave them for a different sitting.
I keep moving down as time allows. I get in the back arm, some hand and the foot. I tone the background to help me define the leg.
In the final sitting I finish off the leg, work out a bit more of the hand and add some space and place her on the model stand.
So thats it in a nutshell.
5 sittings of 20 min = 100 min
or 1 hr. 40 min. drawing time.


As a bonus for  checking out this blog heres a video of my neighbour Ann checking out the pieces I painted in 3D and have on display outside the Atelier for tomorrows Student show and sale starting at 2 pm if you want to swing by and check them out!

November 20, 2017

Classes starting January 2018

Here is a time lapse of the blackboard calendar of classes for January 2018!

For more details visit

November 18, 2017

Their first life drawing session.

The students in my Drawing 1 - Saturday class at ACAD got their first opportunity to draw the figure from life and I think they did pretty well. I snapped a few of the last two poses to inspire you to take a class with me or to get out there and get back on that rusty old bike if its been a while and ride off into the light!

Plus: at the very bottom of this post, a quick wet in wet portrait demo I did in student grade acrylic for my Arts Academy kids, with fun orange eye shadow!

Drawing from life marathon part 1! 8 new drawings from last night

After the regular Wednesday night long pose figure Drawing at Atelier Artista, I teach a figure drawing class at ACAD, the next day Mark Northcott hosts a Liquid Imagination figure drawing event at the Atelier.
I had the night off, and though I felt totally beat and that I should have gotten sleep...........
I was like..............Naaaah! I attended the event and made some of the quick sketches of burlesque dance Eva Angel that you can check out below. I have classes to teach this Saturday but part two will come after I make more figure drawings at the Draw 'til you drop event on Sunday!

November 15, 2017

Fabric, windows and the process of time

Intriguing title. Maybe. Its more of a list of whats being going on really. I have so many different plates spinning, I need lists to keep track. Lol  Below is a demonstration I did of how to block in and break up the shapes to shade draped fabric.

 I continue to make a lot of improvements in the studio space.
Being here for just over 9 months, she's ready to birth. I have a much better idea as how best to organize and address the needs of this space.
 I hung overhead lights for figure modelling using the electrical outlet I purchased on the ceiling in the spring. I still have to go up a ladder to turn them on, maybe I can find a remote sensor or a clapper.
I also bought another folding table, after trying it out, I realized it is far to unstable for my needs. My male genes hate returning stuff, hopefully it's not too late, otherwise I have to keep it. You often do get what you pay for.
 I had about 20 min after a Buds of Buds presentation to paint the door at the Bridgeland community centre. Stoked to have a snow bunny the kids can enjoy.
I added some snowflakes and wintery elements at the end and snapped this shot right before my iphone died.
 Finally, I got some time over the week-end to plow through some details on older work that had been put on hold.
 It took almost the entire day to work out the anatomical details to a degree that I was satisfied with.
I added some ground elements and will continue the push and pull of creating these pieces. i will be hanging them outside my studio wall int he cSPACE gallery on the 4th floor on Nov 25th.