May 18, 2014

figure and portraits continued

We continued our study of the figure and the musculature.  Using tracing paper, I draw the big muscle groups over the reference picture to aid in the development of the drawing. It helps to understand how the shapes and shadows fall across the body. 

We did lots of tracings of the figure and broke down the body into simplified shapes to understand different poses and how to construct our own figurative pieces.

I transferred my reference image using the charcoal and tracing paper technique onto my primed canvas.

Using a simplified palette, I block in and big form model the basic shapes that make up the figure.
The result is the first layer in copying this work.
Did some tracings of simplified shapes that describe and communicate a portrait.  All that is needed is light and dark and then we can develop it further from there.
Next we work on portraiture,  I transfer a copy of my reference image onto a prepared canvas board and block in the shadow shapes.
I block in the fleshy bits of the face, keeping thing simple and not worrying about detail elements at this point. There is not, enough time left in the class to complete what we started, however the lessons were full to leave us with plenty to work with in order to improve our practice.
I quickly block in his clothing and pack up all my wet paintings in order to head home and eat with enough time to prep for my evening class at Quickdraw Animation Society.