January 30, 2009


The future is Now!!!

IDEA # 019 - Where's my tek? Revamping our ideas of the future.

Is it so bad that I still want futuristic toys, I am a man, it's natural.  

I thought we'd have more than we have by now, we have made it to the new millineum, man's knowledge and ability to access information has never been so great.  We need a technology renaissance. Da Vinci and BuckministerFuller came up with their genius so long ago, it seems like we are sauntering into the future.

  Where is my flying car and personal robot? http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/paul_moller_on_the_skycar.htm

Certainly, it would be difficult to manage the air space in an efficient and orderly manner. Then again there would be a lot less traffic in air space and a lot more vertical space to exploit. No signs, no stops, no problem. Carpooling and public transport is not an issue. But having a personal robot like Rosie from the Jetsons would be great. There are those vacuums that work while you are out. 

There is that children's toy dinosaur that they can ride KOTA. 
Solar bugs are available near many check outs.
Cellphones, iphones and personal players have far exceeded Star Trek. 
Phasers = tazers. 
Lightsabers - damn that would be a cool one. Call me when they are available.
Hoverboards are too difficult to control.
Love Dolls are available in Japan already.
Virtual reality .... what happened to that?
3D movies should have been the norm years ago. Bolt 3D brings a huge smile across my face.
The internet is full of time wasting sites from You tube to porn etc.
Ii can learn a language while I sleep.
Our pets have chips in them and I'm sure I'm next.
Onstar an GPS make it hard to have a real adventure.
Sirius satellite and Blue ray aren't really that new of ideas.
Cyber Punk fashion and new music isn't bad ass enough.
Those personal carts for the elderly are as close as we can get to the flying chair from dune.
We're busy photographing mars and building space stations while one progressive entrepreneur has recently launched commercial flights into space.
Personal suit made of tinfoil, 
Nintendo's power glove but more James Bond
interactive games= wii.
Teleport me, I hate the security at the airports.

So what does the future hold? 
I think we need to re-invent mankind's dreams for the future and get on it.
What we now have is kinda cool....... but still pretty lame overall. 
Stay up until 2am and watch the paid advertising, that will set you straight.

The future is Now!!!

January 23, 2009

Too cool to play games

Kick it up a notch.
A new high action sport, that is way to fun to not try.

IDEA # 018 - Paintball on Wheels

I was thinking how fun it would be to be play paintball on a dirt bike or combining it with Go karts. Each player could have a tricked out go/golf kart, capable of off road and woodsball/scenario type pursuits. You could paint it camouflage and hunt each other and race and bump and grind. It has it all, except a safety warning. You can invent scenario play. Have a Hell's Angels style game, chasing around on motorbikes in the flat open desert roads. Go 4X4 off roading. Do it like Mad Max. Hell............. play it on ski doos in the mountains or on sea doos in the ocean. Be a low-fi Bond. Create a game. Build a little Tank body for the cart chassis and pretend you are in a tank. Become a swat team and play high speed pursuits. Remember, all the while you have a paintball marker to sweeten the deal:)

January 20, 2009

Tree of Immortality

The tree of immortality, according to the asian classic Journey to the West, was a large tree whose fruits once eaten would give immortality, the fruits were shaped like infants in the story and I always imagined that they would cry when the gods ate them at the yearly festival. Later, the fruit became a peach, maybe because it resembled a fuzzy baby's bum. More edible and commercially available.

I had an idea to bring a tree sculpture to the Burn. Secondly, I wanted a tree/ piece of art for my acreage that would stand the test of time.

IDEA #017 - Corrugated Metal tree with Happy Apples

My idea is to take sheets of galvanized corrugated metal and to fold them into cylinders. Then I will stack the cylinders and create a trunk and branch structure with. The finished tree will be fairly light because it is hollow. The corrugations in the metal emulate trunk texture while adding structural integrity. From the branches will hang fruit. I collect Fisher Price Happy Apples, They make a really cool sound when they jiggle, so as the branches blow in the wind the little smiling children's toys will create a melody like wind chimes. 

January 12, 2009


I woke up at 3 am last night in a daze thinking that I had a great Idea for this blog. I recall in the haze of the dream that I'd remember my idea when I woke. I didn't write it down. Needless to say I forgot it and in the daze though I had come up with the idea of a Shoe hat. Unfortunately it wasn't my mind.... but the genius of Dali who can have credit for that one. But it led me to the idea of hats as fashion decor and as useful object.


The pail or Bucket hat, not only fashionable but incredibly versatile and useful. Wear it until you need to fetch some water or milk a cow. On a hot day fill it with ice and a few drinks neatly tucked away on your head for convenient drinking and whole body cooling.

Castle turret hat. Medieval castle style. Have a columnar tower as a hat with little bow men. Have a different flag or coat of arms, have hair come out a slit window like Rapunzel, let your hair down so I may climb the golden stair.

Cloud hat. Have your head in the clouds all day with a comfy fluffy hat made out of cloud or to look like a cloud. Whichever material gives you an easier time making it. It's 7th Heaven.

January 7, 2009



Burners and gypsies in the hot desert don't need pockets. They don't need wallets either.
But what they do need is a place to stash some stuff!

IDEA # 015ish - It's not a hip sack, it's a bodybag


So there is this thing called a utili-kilt, a utility kilt! Utility is extremely important especially for men like me who aspire to the usefulness of James bond with a hint of MaCgyver ingenuity. The great thing about a kilt, especially in really hot climates is the freedom and airflow it offers.  The scots had something right, Although I don't think a sporran is acceptable. First they are expensive, very expensive, and although they are often made up of very nice fur from a dead animal, this will not last, dry heat will destroy the fine oils and glues, dust will wreck its look, it is small and attaches by a thin chain dangling in front of the wearers crotch, and it can't carry most of what one need etc. My main reason for not liking the sporran is it is more like a very expensive fuzzy fur purse for a classy lady in a brand name evening gown on a night out with her industrialist husband.


So in the late 80's hip sacks came into popularity. I remember y dad wearing one= no style whatsoever. Sometimes you run into old men, tourists and retards wearing them now and again - embarrassing. The thing is they make perfect sense, logically, very utilitarian. A man purse (murse) that straps around ones belly like a holster.

My idea is to take nice materials and make a wide strap body bag that is both fashionable and functional. It will be the general shape of a cumberbun and have horizontal pockets for easy access. The pockets will be large and flat so they don't pouch out in the front like a hip sack. The only real reason for a bulge like that is because you're excited.

The construction materials will include leathers, velvets and deep rich upholstery type fabrics. Gold details and dingle balls, embroidery, bells and other decorations can be added for those who are a little more festive in their hearts. Digi camo or kakhi can be used for the more conservative users while suit jacket material or furs can be used for those wanting more class and sophistication.

They can be done up by belt loops. Pockets can have closing flaps, zippers, snaps or velcro. I's skip on the velcro 'cause thee noise it makes is annoying.  You can also spin the bodybag around so the pockets are at your lower back and all that is seen in the front is the belt, like a normal belt, it can even be looped through your jean loops. Holsters and additional pockets can be added, for your handcuffs and bear spray, gun holster and keys or if you are feeling a bit like Batman.

January 5, 2009


When Crips & Bloods get together for sex = GANGBANG!

When you have a big gangbang you'll need some bodybags.