January 12, 2009


I woke up at 3 am last night in a daze thinking that I had a great Idea for this blog. I recall in the haze of the dream that I'd remember my idea when I woke. I didn't write it down. Needless to say I forgot it and in the daze though I had come up with the idea of a Shoe hat. Unfortunately it wasn't my mind.... but the genius of Dali who can have credit for that one. But it led me to the idea of hats as fashion decor and as useful object.


The pail or Bucket hat, not only fashionable but incredibly versatile and useful. Wear it until you need to fetch some water or milk a cow. On a hot day fill it with ice and a few drinks neatly tucked away on your head for convenient drinking and whole body cooling.

Castle turret hat. Medieval castle style. Have a columnar tower as a hat with little bow men. Have a different flag or coat of arms, have hair come out a slit window like Rapunzel, let your hair down so I may climb the golden stair.

Cloud hat. Have your head in the clouds all day with a comfy fluffy hat made out of cloud or to look like a cloud. Whichever material gives you an easier time making it. It's 7th Heaven.

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