April 28, 2010


I am putting some of my past work up on a You Tube channel. Please check it out, at least one film, PASS IT ON, will leave you feeling better on a rainy day. Check it out!



Love is free!

April 24, 2010

Parashu- Battle Axe

The Battle Axe that severs all worldly attachments and is most often held by wrathful deities.

Sankha - Conch

Blow on this.

Phurpa - Ritual dagger

Damaru - Drum

I have one of these drums although it is not made with skulls but beautifully turned wood. Thank god for modernity. The truth is the skulls used are more powerful magically if they are virgins who were murdered. I don't think I want that power on my hands. It was drawn with my copic multiliners and colored with prismacolor.

What I really love about this drum is it's purpose:

To summon the Buddhas and inspire them with SUPREME JOY!!!!

Vajra - Thunderbolt

It was drawn with my copic multiliners and colored with prismacolor.

Ghanja - Bell

This ritual object balances out the Vajra with feminine energy.

It was drawn with my copic multiliners and colored with prismacolor.

Kapala - Skull Cup

It was drawn with my copic multiliners and colored with prismacolor.


In order to better facilitate understanding of the various implements and meanings of the magical devices in most of my work I have been sketching them out with short descriptors.  Here is the first in a series. 

The Kartika is a weapon symbolic of severing all material and worldly bonds. It is a curved knife that is most often associated with the skinning of hides. The hooked blade for opening up the skin and the scraper for scraping the hide out.   It symbolized wisdom and the method as well as the severing of all conceptualizations.

It was drawn with my copic multiliners and colored with prismacolor.

Dancer and Death

I went to the Glenbow Museum to see the Canadian Nude and Kent Monkman show.  I brought my new sketchbook and saw this beautiful 1938 print by Jean Dallaire. Since you can only sketch with pencil in the museum, I used my trusty mechanical HB to sketch this out.

I was drawn to the dancing skeleton at first then to their expressive body positions.

April 22, 2010


I started my new sketchbook. Out with the old on and onto the new. First things first, I need to put my info in the front cover. In case it gets lost.  This cover was done in copic and prismacolor inspired by one of my new favorite adult swim animation series 'Superjail".

This sketchbook has been hiding in my studio for about a year. I filled one like it a while back.  One thing I  discovered is that the paper of this sketchbook does not take alcohol based markers well, they bled more than usual. It is also not spiral bound so the scanning is more difficult. Oh well, I'm committed and will have to deal with it.

April 19, 2010

NO rest for the Wicked- a collection of drawings

I haven't had a scanner or internet access but I have been keeping up my practice. Here are a bunch of pictures from my lat sketchbook. It is finally finished off;)

NO rest for the wicked!!!

Here is an inspired East Coast land/seascape that I drew while volunteering at the Emmedia Casino last week-end.  This was drawn in Copic multi-liners and filled in with Prismacolor.

The next day (Sunday April 11) I drew this rose and skull and colored it in with my prismacolor markers.

Then I went to a talk presented by Quickdraw Animation Society by Kar Laing.  He talked for three hours and all of it was super interesting.  While he gave his presentation I did this caricature and later filled in the color at home. The skin tones were Copic as was the line work. The shirt, cravat and background were done with prismacolor.

I then did this pencil drawing with some ideas I've been having for creating a children's book.  

I also drew this 1920's inspire evil magician head. It's only an inch or two tall but I think I may make an awesome stencil.

This is the final drawing in my spiral bound sketchbook that I began working in and as I started this blog.  I decided to use a little magic and draw a dreamy motorbike which I wish I could get on and ride.

April 13, 2010

If you build it....

I got this RAD little digger toy in a kinder egg. It's the first good Kinder toy I've seen in a long time.n I like that it is simplified, it still took at least an hour to complete.

I messed up fitting the drawing on the page, that's what happens. I really wanted the bucket to be out further and the arm to be way longer. This sketch was completed with Prismacolor. In addition, I have drawn on this page since and added grass.

April 12, 2010


One of my best friends brought me back a gift from his vacation to Cabo San Lucas (Mexico).

Down there there are these popular hand carved collectables painted with tooth picks/sticks.  He brought me back a rabbit, since my name is Bunny and I have quite the collection. What I really like about the one he got me is that it has an exquisite graceful & slender shape.  I drew it here first in HB then V point technical pen followed by shading with my warm grey scale Prismacolor markers.

April 9, 2010

Tibetan inspired motifs

I was feeling very sleepy when I first started on this sketchbook page.  I decided to forego the initial pencil sketch and jump quickly into the commitment of pen. No erasing.  It can be very intimidating.  I felt the drawings looked boring so I decided to pick up my Prismacolor markers and color these in over a few days.   Prismacolor's black is far darker a black than the Copic pen's.  It;'s all relative once I scan it in or photo copy it but in my sketch book you can see the marks made by hand, every streak........ is natural;)

A severed zombie leg, a lotus blooming, sacraments to wrathful dieties, a conch, a sprouting seed, a singing cock on a turtle inspired by the bremen town musician's and an old taoist tale of creation and a lilac/ lavender skeleton handled sword.

April 7, 2010

Inner Landscapes

I've been spending my time well lately and drawing daily. I taught a friend how to draw. She made a beautiful wolf drawing, hopefully I can coax her to post it on here someday soon.  I drew this landscape and colored it with my Prismacolor while we hung out at my place after teaching my final animation class of this intake.

I really liked the fall colors and wanted to capture them in my sketchbook.

My room mate say's it's the best thing he's seen me make, yet.
However, I think he's a little biased!  The post card I referenced has been in his bathroom for a decade (at least).

On Good Friday I treated myself to a trip to the Calgary Zoo. It was super busy, I watched a magic show upon entry and enjoyed the magician's linking rings routine. I had my Kaossilator rocking out the beats so I couldn't hear all the cacophony and noisy children.  I visited the new animatronic dinosaur park.  It was pretty cool but better left to a less busy day.  I escaped tot he Great White North exhibit and found a quite secluded place to sketch this Bison/buffalo. A few curious strangers crept up on me and spent more time watching what I was doing than the animals on exhibit.
These guys don't stand as still as you'd think... especially when you start drawing them.

For Easter I cooked up a duck and made stock out of the nicely rendered fat and roasted bones and skin.  It may not sound as yummy as it actually is.  Sticking to my bird theme......
Here is a drawing of a Raven. I outlined it in pencil then decided to use my Copic marker to emphasize the negative space.

I found some sticker paper while tidying up my studio, oh joy!!!

April 1, 2010

Skull Crown

Here is a line drawing of my belt buckle that I purchased in Las Vegas. all the circles represent the fake diamond bling.  I haven't colored it in yet because I'm thinking of making fun stickers out of it and I need the proof in B/W first.

The next work is a piece I have not finished yet. It is drawn in HB and inked with my trusty COPIC MARKER. The drawing based on a tibetan snow lion.

MAybe I'll just erase it and keep his breath/smoke empty. Maybe I'll draw in objects in it like I did back in elementary school when I was super obsessed with drawing Penny from Pee Wee's Playhouse vomiting. I must have drawn that every day for months changing up the projectiles.