December 23, 2008



Except for a care bear heart on my butt...... there is really nothing one can get tattooed on their rear that is cool. Here is a variety of street signage that can be appropriately inked on ones Gluteus Maximus.

Wrong Way (arrow sign). 
No entry or enter.
Deliveries in rear.  
No Parking.
No left turns.
Mind the Gap.
Wide Load.
Dryclean only.
(Nike swoosh) Just Do it.
Hidden driveway.
a STOP sign.


December 22, 2008


Oh yeah, holiday season once again *sigh*.


I want to bring home spa relaxation to a new level.
Massage chairs are nice, so is a sauna.  
For those tired overworked muscles have a massage. 
To cleanse and cure any mild illness with sweat take a sauna.

But wait......

What if you could roll a massage chair into the sauna with you. Better yet, not a leather chair that would get all gross and soggy and one whose electrical will not be on the fritz in the sauna.

A cedar and towel covered massage chair in an infrared sauna. Now that is the epitome of relaxation. Bring in some water chilled with cucumber or a gatorade, play some of your favorite tunes. The pleasure will have you leaving your body.

Trial: Cover a massage chair with poly, my parents had one they got at costco or some other such ridiculous store for way too cheap to use as their computer chair. The massage isn't that great but it is a place to start. 

I have seen people convert tents indoor into saunas. I didn't have to pop a tent in my living room because my previous shower was completely steel lined so I picked up a bunch or rare earth magnets at the dollar store and cut poly to fit overhead and the doorway. I used magnets to fasten the plastic rather than tape which would sweat off, plus the magnets allowed some air to be exchanged.  Instead of running the water on hot and being totally wasteful...I pulled in a vaporizer, you can find these use for around $2 or new for under $30. Basically this heats up water into steam and works great in small spaces, plus you can scent the water or use mint vapo rub if you are congested. Let it heat up a while.  

I had a little bamboo bench I used in the room but so much moisture eventually caused it to collapse, hence you need to protect the massage chair. You don't want to get electrocuted or end up on your ass, damp and regretful.

Add in one of those ionic foot baths that don't really do all that much or some foot massager, god I love a good foot rub! 

You have a reason NEVER TO LEAVE YOUR HOME.  

Video games, booze and pizza delivery, order clothes on the internet = taking recluse to a whole new level!

December 17, 2008

Badass Gangsta Sh*t!!!

If the San Andreas fault line causes the catastrophic loss of California, to still be living in Compton, you'd be swimming with the fishes. Now that is some Gangster Sh*t!!!


I have been feeling a lot like Hank Moody lately.  Fucking and punching. Writing a blog about HelL.A. Californication (not trademarked by the Chili Pepper's) The city of angels has come up often, the scourge of the entire western world? Is that why the apocalypse is predicted, sinking in a fiery riot we loose the West's great celebrities to a tragic natural disaster. 

Goodbye Tom, Scarlett and Brad.

Here in this hopeless fucking hole we call L.A.
The only way to fix it is to flush it all away
Any fucking time. Any fucking day.
Learn to swim.

Mom's gonna fix it all soon. Mom's comin' round to pit it back the way it ought to be.

December 15, 2008


IDEA # 011 - Cereal surprises

A number of interesting food related ideas....

First, I have two ideas to meld into one. First, instead of having lame prizes in children's cereal boxes or those little travel sized one with the barn door flaps, cereal should have orakaso/ origami bowls and mugs as prizes or games to cut out of the box. It would be fun and useful.

Another idea is to have gel liquid filled packages with animated floating objects in it. You know those pens with ships in them that move across when tipped? Well, CD's, books and cereal could use the same technique to animate their boxes. Imagine Lucky Charms cereal with actual lucky charms floating around the cover when you tip it to fill your bowl.  

What about the fad of holograms, why not bring back the 3D. I think it would be awesome to have polarize 3D everything, not just movies, but the whole aisle at the supermarket.  3d/3d shopping experience; fun, amazing and somewhat practical.

CLOTHES YOU CAN EAT!!!!  Clothes made out of food - edible fashion. I don't mean panties and fetish stuff, actual biodegradable seasonal fashion. Throw away or make it into a soup. A lot of our food products are very starchy or have strong cellulose or protein bonds that would be perfect for making up to date fashions and sturdy classics. Hell have a lasagna dress and dinner that night - yum;)

December 9, 2008



Though it may seem so simple and straight forward, I have never been in a place that had the toilet paper mounted on it's side. To me this makes the most sense. No hole in the wall with special insert is necessary with a side mount. I have seen the TP sitting on the back of the toilet countless times. Maybe even more than on the holder 'cause nobody like putting a new roll on for some reason.

There will be No reason to argue over which way the TP should be loaded, paper out or in, top or bottom or whichever way you look at it. The old myth being that one way prevents a small child from unravelling the whole roll.  By mounting TP sideways, It will catch and rip before the child has the chance to take the whole roll around the rest of the house.

The side mount is a simple, inexpensive wall mounted holder for Toilet Paper rolls. Taller rods can hold more rolls stacked if necessary. I bet the simplicity and efficiency of the side mount will reduce the amount of TP used. Need I say more?

December 5, 2008


We have this thing here every summer, one week of free breakfast = Stamped breakfast. Pancakes, sausages, eggs and coffee for all willing to line up early. Paid for by the city, a corporation or community group. Sounds good but after a week you get a little sick of the smell and taste. why not put our collective efforts to more good and build the ultimate tourist trap.


Why hasn't anyone attempted to build an entire mountain out of pancakes?
Even a 1:16 scale mountain made out of pancakes to go with a tasty train set would be impressive.
Man has built giant dinosaurs, huge nickels and even enormous pierogies for road trip tourists and oddity afficianatos. I want to visit the pancake mountain. There would have to be a pipeline from Quebec to feed the need for maple syrup.

De Dutch Pannekoeke House. 
De Dutch Pannekoeke Mountain.

You can tobaggon down the icing sugar sprinkled slope.
You can canoe down the maple syrup river.
Use a giant donut as a floatation device.

Here is a basic pancake recipe for you to begin:

1 cup of flour. 1 egg. 1 cup buttermilk*. 1/4 cup of sugar. 1 teaspoon baking powder. 1 teaspoon baking soda. 1/4 cup vegetable oil. (*substitute 3/4c fat free half and half plus 1/4 cup of water instead of using buttermilk)

Toss all the ingredients together and blend. Cook on a hot griddle. Serve with your favorite toppings. Enjoy. 

Now, multiply the ingredients by tons and we can get started on the mountain. You may need half the flour export of Canada to begin. People could mountain climb the pancake and snack all the way up.


IDEA #008 - A very dirty thought......

Having a bath and doing your dishes at the same time. 
Not just any dirty dishes either, in the tub washing the dishes from an incredibly saucy lasagna or after thanksgiving dinner. Globs of fat bobbing on the surface. Meat and noodle floating in the reddish brown water. Soaking into all the crevices and pores of your skin. Dirty!

and yet somehow appetizing. Dig in.

December 4, 2008

stupid idea I left on Jim's answering machine


Idea #7 - Pushing reality TV to the next level

Yes thats right!
they're not going to fight!
Unless when cutting the onions somebody starts crying.

They are in the octagon, creating gourmet pizzas!

December 3, 2008


IDEA #6 - Fantastic Exploding Head

Have you ever wanted to create a memorable drama in public, around friends and family? What would be more impressive than having your head explode at any random moment. Nobody would forget an event like that!

First you will need a strong metal cap or head covering.... like a helmet paired with a yamarkule.
Then pile some squibs on top of that, maybe even small firecrackers or fireworks for the explosion part of the illusion. A cable or remote trigger will be in your front pocket for when the moment strikes you to present the Fantastic Exploding Head.

On top of the charges will be blood effects and brain bits, chunks of torn condoms look great like skin and fake blood is so easy in inexpensive to make with food coloring and corn syrup/ glycerine. I have a liter standing by under my sink for special occasions.

Overtop the stuffed shell will be a skull cap and wig. To hide the bulging it would be good to be wearing a hat, plus more blood and guts can be stuffed up there for extra gore.

so now you are ready to leave the house and wait for the perfect moment to present your fantastic exploding head, like at a children's birthday party, while visiting family at the hospital, at a theatre or performance - you'll get the standing ovation, while talking to persons of authority= priests and police, While watching a TV- scanner style, while lined up at McDonald's...... the opportunities for fun are endless!!

December 2, 2008



So, take a regular ladder, call it a 5 in 1 and use it for other things.

1. A ladder, climbing up and down.
2. A Portable bridge or monkey bars.
3. Lay it on it's side and make a small fence for a fat dog.
4. Drying Rack for your laundry.
5. Exercise Equipment, too simple to figure out.
6. bring it to court as a witness.
7.  Slapstick comedy routine prop.
8. Large Percussion instrument.
9. Spray paint stencil.
10. A Companion for lonely days.

November 27, 2008


IDEA # 004 Canadian Winter Free Running Shoes

Take your favorite brand of running shoes add in the sport of Parkour(free running) and do it all in the Canadian winter.  

The shoes will have spikey bits like cleats in the toes so that when in full sprint you can get a good grip on slippery icy streets. Kind of like toe pics that figure skaters have. There will also be grip on the back heels for grinding and turning. The shoes will be well insulated to keep your toes toasty like winter boots.
 They will have 
extra support and thickness and spongey bounce in the soles to help with hard landings on cold surfaces. They will strap on and not lace up. We all know how difficult it is to lace up snowy boots in the winter. The bottoms of the shoes will be slick so that you can slide across streets making free running as effective as summer skateboarding. 

Canadian Winter Parkour= This is the ultimate form of transportation for the cold months in Canada. In fact we really have a new sport here for the adventurous Northern types. Slide across streets, scale buildings and slip past the cops on your way to get a hot chocolate.

November 24, 2008


Ideas are cheap that is why I am willing to give them away. 
If they are not treated as precious you will continue to make more and more.

IDEA #003 = Photosensitive fighting neon skeletons.

They will mainly be constructed out of paper. They can be put under black-light so that their neon ribs will glow.  The light will cause a reaction so that their two arms punch out at random. Two figures can be put facing each other so that they 
can have a boxing match. Another option is to have them solar powered. They will be sold for around $7 at head-shops, clothing stores and shops like San Francisco. Maybe they will become a super fad making the producer millions. Good luck to them.

Also...... someone should make a crystal skull earring if they haven't already.

November 20, 2008


Take in a breath of fresh air.  Pull the trigger. Kill the king.

Before I begin with today's idea.......... 
I have some stuff I have to tape it back together.

Recently, my empire crumbled. Every great man takes great pains and love to build a new empire. This man is no different. I will build my castle with my own hands. I will build it better with the help of my friends. There is a new fuel in my blood. There are new ideas in this machine.

I have asked 1 million questions. I have listened to the answers intent and interested, sponging up the knowledge received. I can't remember anything anymore. There is too much in my brain it is leaking out...... and not in small drips, it gushes forth like like a dyke unplugged. I have invented and improved hundreds of great inventions, all of which have never made it to market and never will. I have started paintings I intend to finish later. I draw everyday. I have loved and lost.

Now, I'm bored. Now, I am dissatisfied. In my age I have also become jaded. Now what is left for me to do? 

-Make new dreams and blog, because somewhere in cyberspace, what I cant be bothered to remember will be remembered. Thanks technology:)



Back to this idea of taping........

 I was at a buddies helping with some renovations, but mostly drawing while he did his thing.  I had to Tuck tape the Tyvek around the window while he worked on the drywall. He broke off a dull exacto blade for the job he was doing.  I recovered it from the dusty floor. I attached the blade to the end of the tape, that way I could both cut the next piece of tape needed and know exactly where the end of the tape began. So logical, why hadn't anyone thought of this before, instead of doing an ugly tape fold........ or feeling around for the thickness like a blind man........why not offer a device that could be stuck to the end flap of your tape? This device could also be responsible for cutting the next piece of tape.  The tape companies could make millions and it would only cost pennies to provide.  There are these plastic business card sized letter openers I've seen that would be perfect for this job. It's Lagnaippe, that little something x-tra.  I am most impressed by the simple things!

If you have insomnia, you'll probably see me one night at 4 am as your flipping past color bars and Ronco food dehydrator specials. I'll have my little spot.......... enthusiastically selling my little tape device.

I will call it my WONDER MIRACLE BLADE!

It is your turn to turn it up to 11, and make your future taping that much easier. 
Good luck and may the force of adhesion be with you.

November 19, 2008


Idea #001 - START THIS BLOG.

I was born, a bunch of stuff happened, went to school, travelled, did a whole bunch more stuff and now I find myself here.

The back story will eventually come out in the present story. Damn I was cute then, things haven't really changed ;) My life is an intriguing and interesting story, I swear.  

I wear it like a tattoo.