December 22, 2008


Oh yeah, holiday season once again *sigh*.


I want to bring home spa relaxation to a new level.
Massage chairs are nice, so is a sauna.  
For those tired overworked muscles have a massage. 
To cleanse and cure any mild illness with sweat take a sauna.

But wait......

What if you could roll a massage chair into the sauna with you. Better yet, not a leather chair that would get all gross and soggy and one whose electrical will not be on the fritz in the sauna.

A cedar and towel covered massage chair in an infrared sauna. Now that is the epitome of relaxation. Bring in some water chilled with cucumber or a gatorade, play some of your favorite tunes. The pleasure will have you leaving your body.

Trial: Cover a massage chair with poly, my parents had one they got at costco or some other such ridiculous store for way too cheap to use as their computer chair. The massage isn't that great but it is a place to start. 

I have seen people convert tents indoor into saunas. I didn't have to pop a tent in my living room because my previous shower was completely steel lined so I picked up a bunch or rare earth magnets at the dollar store and cut poly to fit overhead and the doorway. I used magnets to fasten the plastic rather than tape which would sweat off, plus the magnets allowed some air to be exchanged.  Instead of running the water on hot and being totally wasteful...I pulled in a vaporizer, you can find these use for around $2 or new for under $30. Basically this heats up water into steam and works great in small spaces, plus you can scent the water or use mint vapo rub if you are congested. Let it heat up a while.  

I had a little bamboo bench I used in the room but so much moisture eventually caused it to collapse, hence you need to protect the massage chair. You don't want to get electrocuted or end up on your ass, damp and regretful.

Add in one of those ionic foot baths that don't really do all that much or some foot massager, god I love a good foot rub! 

You have a reason NEVER TO LEAVE YOUR HOME.  

Video games, booze and pizza delivery, order clothes on the internet = taking recluse to a whole new level!

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