December 15, 2008


IDEA # 011 - Cereal surprises

A number of interesting food related ideas....

First, I have two ideas to meld into one. First, instead of having lame prizes in children's cereal boxes or those little travel sized one with the barn door flaps, cereal should have orakaso/ origami bowls and mugs as prizes or games to cut out of the box. It would be fun and useful.

Another idea is to have gel liquid filled packages with animated floating objects in it. You know those pens with ships in them that move across when tipped? Well, CD's, books and cereal could use the same technique to animate their boxes. Imagine Lucky Charms cereal with actual lucky charms floating around the cover when you tip it to fill your bowl.  

What about the fad of holograms, why not bring back the 3D. I think it would be awesome to have polarize 3D everything, not just movies, but the whole aisle at the supermarket.  3d/3d shopping experience; fun, amazing and somewhat practical.

CLOTHES YOU CAN EAT!!!!  Clothes made out of food - edible fashion. I don't mean panties and fetish stuff, actual biodegradable seasonal fashion. Throw away or make it into a soup. A lot of our food products are very starchy or have strong cellulose or protein bonds that would be perfect for making up to date fashions and sturdy classics. Hell have a lasagna dress and dinner that night - yum;)

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