September 22, 2015

Sunday Sampler (September 20)

Always a pleasurable to share my Sunday with Swinton's to teach a sampler. It was gorgeous out so I am really happy people decided to spend their day learning the basics of painting in Acrylics with me:D

Keep in mind these pieces are done by first time painters first paintings done in under 3 hours. Adequate proof of their talent and my ability to teach.

September 21, 2015

Ramsay Community Mural Complete!

The summer weather left much to be desired in terms of work days but I managed to finish up the painting when it was nice enough out, no hail, thunder showers or excruciating heat destroying my poor brushes. Here it is take a look!

Its so long, you cant see it all at once or take a single picture of it in its entirety. So I made a quick mock up to give the general impression of the majority of it by patching a bunch of pictures together quickly in Photoshop.

I also got a page featured in the local Ramsay Neighborhood Newsletter on page 13. Its in Black and white and the mural is very colourful but it gives you an idea.

I'd like to take this opportunity to give a shout out and show my gratitude with a special thanks to the following: John Holt for introducing me to Shannon who was my go to person for this project. The Ramsay Community Association for giving me the opportunity to splash paint in my hood. To those volunteers that helped me along the way: Jordan, Greg, Ben, Nolan, Teegan, Becky, Lanny and Cindy. Thank you!

 Above are a few more to help get the idea across if you haven't visited the Ramsay rink to see the completed piece it in person yet.