May 31, 2010


I drew these with my trusty copic, and used both Copic and prismacolor to color them in.

Who doesn't like snails? I have a strange fascination with these little critters. 


I drew straight into this one with my copic marker. It was colored in the same sitting with Prismacolor. It is based on an animation model sheet I found in the QAS library.  I have been wanting to put together a pirate ship model as well (3D). I have one in my studio and my plan is to paint it pink and blue, here is a quick sketch/mock up.

Would real pirates flee at the sight of this ship I wonder?

May 27, 2010

Jack in the Box

This piratey Jack pops out of the box his eyes rotate from closed to open, his arms raise as he comes up. The motion is very interesting and I think this is my second favorite toy of the bunch. The first being Oscar the Owl.

The Village Blacksmith

Another  Cut-out Toys for Girls and Boys.  Circa 1922.

Pull the tab at the back and the Blacksmith hammers down on his work on a folded back anvil, as he does he taps his foot and his head bobs, concentrating on his task.

Steve in his Studio

Pull his cane to see Steve waving his hands to compose a picture. He leans forward and taps his foot.

May 20, 2010

The Old Pump

This one is not as well designed out as the others, some of the moving parts can be seen behind the puppet. By rocking the wooden board back and forth movement is created. The action here is pumping up and down with the left hand while pointing with the right. His foot also taps. There is supposed to be a rolled tube for the spout that the bucket hangs on. I do like his hat!

Bobby and the Butcher

Now, I could have gone overboard and made this a real horror gore show, but instead I'm saving it for later, for now this one is for the kiddies. I decided that prison orange would be suitable for the butchers garb. His head nods, so does the little boy's as he lifts his basket.  The butcher points and swings his cleaver and taps his foot. Now that is multitasking.

May 18, 2010

Pete the Planter

This one is a little more PC and just in time for the season.  Pete the planters head goes up and down as the post shifts and his arms go back and forth with the hoe. Looks like he has planted some turnips, that puts a smile on his face.

Lee Ling - Chinese Laundry Man

Ok, so this one is not exactly politically correct. It was designed in the 1920's after all. I really like the style and action in this one. As he scrubs laundry the broom sways back and forth, his head bobs forward as he taps his foot. The action is spectacular, though I don't think I'll be showing this one around too much.

May 17, 2010

Oscar the Owl

This is Oscar the owl. He reminds me of the owl clock on Mr. Dressup. When his wings flap he blinks his eyes and his right claw arcs from side to side. It makes me laugh.

Kelley The Cop

I've been really interested in animated toy's an automata lately. I've been making a whole bunch of things out of paper. I found some toy's for kiddies from a magazine in the 1920's and began making them.  Here is the first one I finished. All the joints are connected via sewing pins taped on the back. These things are so cool when they move.

Kelley's arms go up and down while the go/stop sign swivels and his head bobs. I scanned it flat but is is 3D.

COPIC certification

About a month ago I attended a COPIC certification workshop.  As if I wasn't biased enough before the tips, tricks and techniques I picked up as well as some of the new COPIC products I added to my collection makes me an even stronger believer in the COPIC line of products. I'd like to start carrying them through my site, 'cause they are so rad. COPIC for life! Here is my certificate and soon I'll have their logo for my site as well. If you haven't tried their stuff I urge you to get on it!

May 14, 2010

Automata design

This is a free hanging design sketch for a cloud, lightning and rainbow automata I thought up. Then I decided to put the mechanism on the outside to show various mechanisms at work..... perfect for what I have in the works.

I was also asked to be in a show at the Sugar gallery with a theme "genderbender". Now I know I was probably asked because I am good at making "shocking" work. But the theme has me a bit pissed off. My initial design idea is to have Satan with his balls hanging low popping the bird to those who go to the show. "Play Nice." 'Nuff said.
You'll notice at the upper corner an owl smashing down with his powerful talon. Yes, the Illuminati stomp crept it.
I had another idea to create buildings with neon monsters designed on the outside kind of in the tiki style that eat people. They could be on a conveyor or wheel as the mouth opens and closes after they enter. It would make a cool moving art machine indeed.

PS: I have been a bit annoyed by the free scanner (Canon Lide 25 that I have free at my disposal)
and my current sketchbook, bleeds, cheap paper and hard binding makes it difficult to scan.
C'est La Vie, it's what I have.

May 12, 2010

Zoobilee Zoo

It was a beautiful day outside and I took a short walk over to the zoo to sketch the Giraffes for the  project I saw on facebook.  I brought my trusty tools, and a dragon fruit to snack on.  I felt that my small gestural thumbnails were the best thing that came out of the day.  Heres some scans from the sketchbook. Pencil stuff done in HB with a mechanical pencil.

I then sat down in the dry mud where they had ripped up a whole section of the zoo to build new exhibits. There was these posts that were once a spider web playground. They had an informative panel explaining how spiders spin their webs so I jotted down the steps with my trusty Copic marker.

May 8, 2010

Son tatty and stickers

Mother's day is just around the corner. Inspired by an idea to get my mom a tattoo that say's son.  So here is the preliminary design. I'm going to print it out an make a sticker to give her as a gift.

I decided to create a sticker sheet out of some of my past drawings. I used an old packet of Avery 03383 sticker sheets I had in my studio. I colored them with Prismacolor so they would be bright and lightfast. Afterward I coat them with a UV protective Varnish so they wont fade and will be protected in the elements should they get some exposure.

Here is the sticker sheet I printed out and colored with Prismacolor. 

Afterward I coated the sticker paper with Golden Archival Varnish. (pictured below)
Then cut them out on a mat with a very sharp exacto-blade.

May 7, 2010

Systema Logo

I was asked by my martial arts instructor to come up with a logo for our club.  I came up with this initial sketch and it will be completed in illustrator. I'm way faster on paper but logos need to be perfect and done in the computer. I will only have to draw half then mirror it and change the legs. It is based off of the Russian coat of arms and I cleverly added the Calgary tower in the middle. The part I like is how it mimics the shape of the crowns. The Calgary tower was drawn from my view on the hill overlooking the Stampede grounds.

Visit: Calgary Systema If you want to know more about Russian martial arts.

May 3, 2010


I applied to Artcity 2010 today with my idea to build a combination automata/music box. I want to make it about 4 ft wide and install it in the downtown core for people to enjoy.  Here is one of the design sketches for the piece.

For the drawing nerds, that is 2 point perspective and it worked out that the back leg can't be seen from this angle. Convenient.

May 2, 2010

loose and free

I was feeling really good and loose and free when I created these two pencil sketches.

Fear and Filth

I drew this in the dark while watching an episode of the Pacific @ Bender's.

Trisula - Trident

Kangling - Thigh trombone

Chattra -Parasol