September 25, 2010

Sass and Satan

It has been a couple of late nights. Not once have I started my daily drawing before midnight;( And the past few times as I scraped myself up the house steps and sunk into a chair like ice cream, I began my yearly James Bond-a-thon.  My dreams have been super weird too, maybe late night snacking is to blame. My roommie is on night shifts for one more week of havoc on my schedule.

I don't know what I was thinking, maybe it's an extension of the pirate thing an my idea the other night to go as the devil for Hallowe'en this year. This cheerleader dressed sassy pants was drawn with HB pencil.  I added a skull where a basketball may have been. She has an evil clam/crab/little shop of horrors/ claw coming from beneath her skirt an that is where the sass comes from, near her ass.
After teaching my first animation class of the season, I grabbed this great graphic novel from the Quickdraw library called SEAWEED. It was a good read, instead of going out to the bar, I saw stuff that made me want to improve my craft. It made me feel like I have a long way to go, but with renewed inspiration, an that is always a good thing!

The artist, Ben Balistreri's work is exceptional. I love his extremes and the use of animals in his character design, he has won an Emmy for his character design work. Guess what, he has a blog!!!!!!! Check his stuff out his stuff HERE......if you have not just discovered him like I have.  He has this little devil character on one of the panels and I decided to do my take on him and see what I can gather. One thing is to use col-erase pencils for the initial thumbnail. I didn't have any on hand so I used HB.  He also said 'white out" is our friend.  Hmmm, I 'd better pick some of that up! I had a lot of fun using my prismacolor to play with the image.
I really like the idea of the devil having kinda useless hoof hands, it makes him way less threatening and far more clumsy. The Little wings and a silly looking body takes away from his ominous power.
I wanted him to have a trident fork of fire and a tail a dinosaur would be jealous of.  His soul patch is akin to a skunks however rather than peppery patchouli, it smells more of fire and brimstone. So that's Satan so far.

September 21, 2010

A Pirates life for me

My roomate said, "When you hang a pirate flag, you are defining yourself as a pirate."

I suppose that there is a little pirate in us all. Besides, International Talk Like a Pirate Day just happened. Maybe some divine inspiration subliminally guided my pen. I was given my pirate flag at Burning man this year.  So, I guess I have some pirate in me.....except for all the looting, pillaging an raping, I like the idea of being a pirate, on a voyage to find hidden treasures or to attack a company ship. Maybe the goal of art is like that of a pirate, seeking treasure or just destroying whats out there.

So I sketched out this skeleton devil holding a spear. It was Blackbeard's flag that had Satan with a spear poking a heart originally. Was Blackbeard just a troubled romantic? Kinda makes me wonder what Blackbeard hoped it would inspire in those who saw it. Confusion and fear?

It was all completed with copic markers. He seems happy to be drinking. Maybe he is more like a cupid just here to create romance with every stab. Love an death often go hand in hand,
.....with drink;P

For the B-day the party, I hung a flag to block the picture window view of the dance floor. I'm sure my neighbors are keeping an eye on this place now. It wasn't just the random fireworks in the street. Loose lips sink ships after all.  Maybe we ought to build a potato canon and mount it near the stern.
Just for a bit of added protection, and maybe a little intimidation.

September 20, 2010


Here are images from every hour at my at my party starting at midnight.

Feeling pretty good. The hordes are starting to arrive.

It's only one but people are beginning to loose their sh*t!

By two things are right where they should be.

 Ok they're freehand characterizations, but you get the idea.

I hope there are not any incriminating photos in existence.

If there are they will pretty much look like this.

It just kept going an going, then into the next day.

Of course, until you realize what time it is >:P

September 15, 2010

Serious ass kicking

Kicked some ass today!
I spent the day repairing some vandalism and improving the 'public artwork' appropriateness of my music box. More on that installation another time, or visit my website and click the NEWS section. I also picke up a tonne of groceries for my B-day bash this week-end. It will be raining, like it is now, so we will see how we do.


This drawing started out as representation of an object in my living room and developed until it became a superhero robot flying through the air seemingly after having his ass kicked an his cape lit on fire.  I really liked the position of the angling front arms and the thrown back head. The body I had a few problems getting into position but I am happy how the final piece turned out. It is just a sketch after all;)

HB pencil and prismacolor markers.

September 14, 2010


I've had this idea for some time to create a place for all my keepsakes and altar items in one place.  I'd like to build wooden altars to hang, say, above a dresser, or to be placed on a table. It is an altar that can travel with you and hold all your keepsakes, idols, magickal items, essential oils, incense etc.  When opened it folds out into a triptych and when closed is an object of beauty with the bonus of functionality within.  Here is a preliminary concept for one I am going to build for KT. All I need is some measurements an examples of what she wants the altar to hold and I'm off to the races.

September 12, 2010

September 9, 2010

Bird Outhouse

Bird Outhouse for Bird Dog Video fundraiser.

2 storey Cedar bird outhouse with solid oak roof
2 his and her entrances and split level nesting opportunities
comes with "in use" sign
gold painted heraldry for the throne feel
worn and weathered for that rustic appeal