September 21, 2010

A Pirates life for me

My roomate said, "When you hang a pirate flag, you are defining yourself as a pirate."

I suppose that there is a little pirate in us all. Besides, International Talk Like a Pirate Day just happened. Maybe some divine inspiration subliminally guided my pen. I was given my pirate flag at Burning man this year.  So, I guess I have some pirate in me.....except for all the looting, pillaging an raping, I like the idea of being a pirate, on a voyage to find hidden treasures or to attack a company ship. Maybe the goal of art is like that of a pirate, seeking treasure or just destroying whats out there.

So I sketched out this skeleton devil holding a spear. It was Blackbeard's flag that had Satan with a spear poking a heart originally. Was Blackbeard just a troubled romantic? Kinda makes me wonder what Blackbeard hoped it would inspire in those who saw it. Confusion and fear?

It was all completed with copic markers. He seems happy to be drinking. Maybe he is more like a cupid just here to create romance with every stab. Love an death often go hand in hand,
.....with drink;P

For the B-day the party, I hung a flag to block the picture window view of the dance floor. I'm sure my neighbors are keeping an eye on this place now. It wasn't just the random fireworks in the street. Loose lips sink ships after all.  Maybe we ought to build a potato canon and mount it near the stern.
Just for a bit of added protection, and maybe a little intimidation.

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