July 31, 2011

Purple preview

So those who know of this blog get a preview of what I'm creating for the upcoming 'purple show'.  My latest work is a Rhinoceros done in in purple acrylic, this show is coming up quick, I need a quicker drying time, so no oil paint for this one ;(

Here is the first stage. The rhino is inspired by a quote and photo with Salvador Dali. He thrusts his head up from the bottom of the picture plane, originally I had the idea to paint the main horn as an erect penis but I think I'm getting a little conservative in my old age.....I am just going to show the work as is. I intend on painting in a few more details but leaving the purity of the gestural application of paint. Tonight I am going to mix up some gold paint and fill in the background with that so it shines, purple and gold look so good together.

July 29, 2011

Moving toward Purple

The purple show is coming up....

Shifting from one of my favorite colors Pink on my way to the Purple show, as this Flamingo takes on another hue, he would have to be eating purple people or maybe eggplants to look like this.

one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater...

July 27, 2011

Prints at the Press

I just got the proofs finished for a large selection of prints of my work. Now you too can afford to own one of my paintings.  Here is a photograph of the color proof  of a variety of works (the three pictured top left are by Chad Wilsie) that I will be printing. I am printing a run to take with me for sale at Shambhala. There are currently 18 different prints to choose from. Some are very limited in run.

The prints will be on a high quality paper with satin finish, the large size will be 18" X 24" with a white border. There will also be an option for a smaller size on card stock for those who want more or have to spend less. Both will fit standard frames so you can get them from anywhere (including Ikea..... if you get my drift). More info to come once the prints are done. Keep your eyes peeled ;)

July 20, 2011

Purple Art Show

Purple, like Nenshi's campaign, like royalty, like a painful bruise. I will be showing a brand new piece at this show. Check it out, August 13th!

July 8, 2011

Spokane Dogwood

While in Spokane I got to check out a friends awesome garden. He has the most beautiful kitchen all windows and in one of them was this pretty little dogwood branch I ARTed up with my copic markers while their band practiced. It was a sensational time.

July 7, 2011

Porto in color

I scanned my colored drawing of which the stages of creation are shown in my previous blog entry. I am still not certain if I will go back in and sketch in the details with a fine point marker, I like how it looks so far without black. All done with Copic markers.

July 4, 2011

Small town and port pencil and ink

I started this drawing of a small port town in Portugal. I began by sketching out the placement of various elements with my mechanical Pencil.

Then a couple of days later I went back in with my copic markers cool gray scale to do some tone work and shading.

Now it is starting to have some depth and shape. It really punches it up to see the reflections in the water.