May 31, 2011


I uploaded my AVERT YOUR EYES animation to Vimeo. It may not playback at the proper frame rate on your computer depending on your internet connection, many parts are frame by frame blinking but regardless you get the idea.

It was inspired by 8-bit and pixel art. Like old Nintendo and Atari games fused with my current body of work with sacre images and wrathful deities. Enjoy!

May 26, 2011


Les dropped off the catalogue for the Alberta Society for Artist's (TREX) Arts Traveling Exhibition Program. I will be showing work as part of a traveling exhibit alongside; Leslie Bell, Stephanie Wong and Chris Melnychuck.

"4 artists, 3 crates, 12 framed presentation Units, 1 c of short films, 65 running feet."

Below is a scan of the catalogue page 7.

They wrote this about me and my work:

"Brian 'Bunny' Batista is an extraordinary advocate for the media arts. Batista's paintings and animation reveal a passion for Eastern mysticism, pop culture and a deep knowledge of historical character animation."

May 25, 2011


In order to get away from the studio to clear my mind a bit, I went 8-bit.

I spent the May long week-end locked down at Quickdraw Animation Society 5th annual Animation Lockdown -a 48 hour animation challenge.
This year the challenge was to make an 8 BIT animation!

Here is a preview, below are a few screenshots from my animated film:

I made a 2 min. film in about 20 hours, including music, editing and titles/credits.  My film is titled AVERT YOUR EYES and it includes animation of wrathful deities set to 8-bit dubstep. I was the first 'team' to be completed his film, but I was on a 'team' all by my lonesome.

I was still a bit under the weather with this nasty persistent dry cough, I could only do at most 12 hrs. straight. Once I was done, sick or not, I was in a a celebratory mood........ I left the competition a day early thus completely avoiding the stressful rush to the finish line, thats pacing!

See these images move.

I totally have a new found romance with the idea of pixel art. It is almost counter intuitive, with advancing technology to be subjecting yourself to this creative constraint. It's almost a nostalgia for the past days of crappy Atari and Nintendo graphics and sounds. I have a well filled with new ideas based on this inspiration of 8-bit.

The thing that was great about this animation lockdown week-end challenge, Focused time on only one task, we were fed an watered an had exceptional technical support from Michael Welchman, but that's not all.  For me to work solely as an artist is a rare opportunity. I'm usually either teaching or solving other's technical problems, it was cool to be 'the artist'.

The real bonus for me was that I stayed out of trouble and away from party distractions this long week-end. The big payoff is the overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and achievement. I really enjoyed making something under pressure in an environment filled with like minded, creative people.  It saved me money and time and possibly my health.........kind of......I didn't sleep much though, but wait there's more.......... now I have another animated film under my belt!

~No worse the wear!~

Come down and check out our 8-bit inspired animations:

Wednesday May 25th at 9pm at the PLAZA theatre, followed by a screening of The Last Starfighter!


May 15, 2011

New Copic Colors

When it's Friday the 13th and I am having a bad day there is nothing that turns it completely around quite like buying new art Supplies. I got a bunch of stuff for the work I am currently doing in the studio and..... New Copic markers, a dozen of them, and colors. My collection is now getting flushed out, I'll be able to chase my imagination, but I didn't remember to pick up any yellow. Here are my new colors:

G14 - Apple Green
BG15 - Aqua
B05 - Process Blue
B02 - Lapis Lazuli
V17 - Amethyst
V04 - Lilac
RV29 - Crimson
RV04 - Shcok Pink
RV21 - Light Pink
E21 - Baby Skin Pink
YR04 - Chrome Orange

I skipped outta Inglewood Art Supply like a little kid on Halloween, with a full bag of candy=;)

May 9, 2011

Richard Halliday, RCA

A huge inspiration, Richard Halliday, and artist who creates lyrical paintings in black and white is finally represented online in Social Media.  Michael Markowsky created a page on facebook as a Tribute Page to one of the world's greatest LIVING artists. The biography alone is worth the read. I was lucky enough to study and befriend Richard while at ACAD. He is a legend!

You can also check out Richard's work at his website: Do it!

Constellation Series: 2005, 66"H x 106"W (167.6 x 269.2 cm)
Titanium white oil stick on bone black acrylic ground on canvas
Trepanier Baer Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

May 7, 2011

Flip it and reverse it

That is what the opposite machine does after all.   Well here is a video where it seems very applicable.  TOILLE YSSIM - TI KROW.  My room mate was wondering what she said so I thought I'd go a step further in the assignment and found out that this song is even more interesting.

Inverted and reversed and outputted in Final Cut.

May 6, 2011

Current Copic Marker collection

I organized and took inventory of my current Copic Marker collection today. Feeling sick today so I didn't make it down to the studio, so I am catching up on projects. More to come about my current studio practice leading up to my solo exhibit at the Untitled Arts Society in a month.

copic marker collection May 2011