March 12, 2009


Bush has ruined the cunt-tree.
Just like that.... in a flesh and an idea for a porno.
They shoot their loads from far away, hitting their targets from, the true test of skill and stamina.... and timing.

Crotch crutch*

IDEA # 025 Semen Snipers

We begin with a JFK's ass(assassination) with a shot from the grassy knoll(a porn stars name..... for reasons not to be explained here)  

Semen snipers will have to train rigorously for shooting accuracy from great distances. 
They will have a strict diet of pineapple juice and the will to kill- la petite mort style.

They will be licensed to shoot, drill and kill.

Bukkake has a new enemy.

March 10, 2009


I am working on dioramas and doing more casting. I decided to convert the style of my paintings into a few sculptures. Meaning: 3d versions of many armed tibetan deities.

IDEA # 025 - Dancing Deity Light

I will make a lotus base for the deity to stand affixed on. It will be made up of LED's, some colour changing and others pure white. Take a look at this giant Buddha that sits on a mountain in Hong Kong and you'll get an idea of what I am talking about. I am thinking 2-4 feet high for my creation but giant would be pretty cool too!

One of my best friends(PAPA) is a casting and creating superstar. He showed me some of his suppliers. I found a clear casting resin made by smooth on. I will first sculpt the parts of the gods and demons in plasticine or clay, then make a silicone mold. The clear resin can be poure
d in and out will come a six armed dancing god. This god will sit on the light base and become an illuminate colour changing sculpture. 

So...take the beethoven bust off of that grand piano and replace it with something so hot it may burn through the top!!!


I am also working on a life sized body cast of myself to do in clear resin. I want to fill it with hundreds of Light Emitting Diodes that change colour and intensity based with a computer program. It will be called a "light body". Punny, indeed. The colours will change in relation to the chakra and aura as current moves through the body.