November 30, 2009

Green Machine

I took this cobra decal photo at an antique car auction. The car was originally yellow but I like lime green much better.

I had super vivid dreams of flying up in an airplane and jumping out into a red biplane below, crawling around and into the cockpit and flying off safely. It was all part of a $300 ride at the stampede.


I spent the whole ay basically in bed watching the entire Richard Williams Animation Master class DVD box set. It was very inspiring and entertaining!

November 16, 2009


My lady friend had to drive back to Spokane today which makes me very sad, indeed. Luckily, I am focused on getting down to business. The business of creativity.

Today was my first day teaching animation as part of the Aboriginal Youth Animation Project hosted by the Quickdraw Animation Society. I have Richard William's Animation Survival Kit book open and have created a list of famous historical animators, Warner Bro's 7 and Disney's 9 for the students to research.