February 26, 2009


This is not the first person I've seen who wears shorts in the dead of winter. I have followed literally dozens of people like this. Even posties do it. Joggers too. 

I happened to follow this guy on my way to work today. I decided to take a photo on my cell. Maybe I could come up with an idea to help him out. His calves were red, whipped by the cold, like a bad sunburn. He remembered his jacket, sweater and coat.......and yet, he is wearing shorts. His boys must be freezing!

IDEA # 023 Wear Pants in winter or have half shorts/half pants

In order to help out all these hardcore Canadians I have developed a look that is functional, practical and the look they are after.

People who want to, can still wear shorts in the winter. 

Since these people find it necessary to show off their legs my idea is to take shorts and sew onto them clear pant legs. The lower portion can be insulating poly or any other clear material that will not fog in extreme conditions. The top portion can be their favorite pair of shorts. The bottom portion is clear so they will still have their canadian fashion they just wont have to freeze as bad;|

February 20, 2009


I was hanging with a girlfriend of mine at around 12:40 am. we decided to go down to the liquor store and pick up some Dos Equis. The store was fairly busy. I got to the front of the line to pay and I noticed a suspicious female customer. So did the cashier.

I noticed him glance over to her to see what she was up too. I kept an eye on the situation. 

I have always felt that one of the roles I play in this life is: protector of friends, family and loved ones. Sometimes I feel like I am James Bond. Or that I am working security, or even that I am a mobster or hit man. I observe and analyze then act. This particular time something must have kicked in 'cause this all happened so fast.


The suspicious stranger was at the back of the line. Now there were 4 people behind me as I handed over my visa card. The cashier was distracted and the woman with some big bottles and a case of beer made a B-line for the door.

The cashier chased outside after her. So did I.  My transaction would have to wait.

She jumped into a Navy blue sedan. Her window was unrolled and the cashier jumped in to grab the booze. The car took off, tires spinning. I chase behind trying to get the license plate. The cashier was knocked out of the car and hit the ground. He ran back into the store.  

I got the license!

 There is a saying: "no good deed goes unpunished!"

Well when all was said and done, I brought my booze and lady friend home I noticed my keys were gone. The punishment begins. I had to call my landlord way after midnight to let me into my building. He opened the main door for me. I asked him to let me into my suite.

He said he couldn't. Why? I asked.

He didn't have a key. I was locked out. Punishment, did it fit the crime?

I walked back to the scene of the crime.

There were my keys behind the spun out tire tracks.
Phew = ; )

February 9, 2009


Jack.  I found this great jack 'o' lantern, what possibly could I do with it? Last week I found an industrial fuse, a microwave, a tv that still works and someone's passport.

IDEA #021, Dumpster Dive....... Daily

If you live in the heart of a big city like me, you have seen the amount of trash in the alleys. I walk home every day with a different route. I have this old Taoist proverb constantly ringing around my head telling me to never go the same way twice, ie never return by the way you came.

Anyhow, I was walking back to work after enjoying a fine slice and I found this hollow jack 'o' lantern decoration. There is a circular hole in the back for mounting a glowing light. I am thinking this hole would be great to mount a lens or peep hole of some sort and to turn the interior into a carnival like display space made up of halloween theme models in action. The cool thing is a viewer can peek through the eye or mouth hole at how the scene is constructed while they peer through the peep hole they see a more cinematic vision of the scene;)

Too cool for school.

February 5, 2009

Ridiculousness with a Plastic Bag

IDEA # 020 - Have some fun, Awesome or sucky this idea sticks!!

I'd say I'm a funny and silly guy on my good days.  I bought a beautiful purple pyrex dish and a comedic blazer from Value Village just the other day.  The bag was big as it lay on the floor and I decided to pick it up and find yet one more way to recycle used plastic bags.

I have been spending a lot of time coming up with idea as of late. I performed a magic show all week-end at Vertigo Theaters. I am working one full time and two part time jobs. Haven't been sketching too much lately but I am painting. The main thing I have noticed is the more I feel like myself the stranger the things are that I do in my spare time.  while at work I dream up and research new things to try out at burning man this year and boy do I have a cool list.  The most important point though is how much FUN I am having while doing it!!!!