February 26, 2009


This is not the first person I've seen who wears shorts in the dead of winter. I have followed literally dozens of people like this. Even posties do it. Joggers too. 

I happened to follow this guy on my way to work today. I decided to take a photo on my cell. Maybe I could come up with an idea to help him out. His calves were red, whipped by the cold, like a bad sunburn. He remembered his jacket, sweater and coat.......and yet, he is wearing shorts. His boys must be freezing!

IDEA # 023 Wear Pants in winter or have half shorts/half pants

In order to help out all these hardcore Canadians I have developed a look that is functional, practical and the look they are after.

People who want to, can still wear shorts in the winter. 

Since these people find it necessary to show off their legs my idea is to take shorts and sew onto them clear pant legs. The lower portion can be insulating poly or any other clear material that will not fog in extreme conditions. The top portion can be their favorite pair of shorts. The bottom portion is clear so they will still have their canadian fashion they just wont have to freeze as bad;|

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