February 9, 2009


Jack.  I found this great jack 'o' lantern, what possibly could I do with it? Last week I found an industrial fuse, a microwave, a tv that still works and someone's passport.

IDEA #021, Dumpster Dive....... Daily

If you live in the heart of a big city like me, you have seen the amount of trash in the alleys. I walk home every day with a different route. I have this old Taoist proverb constantly ringing around my head telling me to never go the same way twice, ie never return by the way you came.

Anyhow, I was walking back to work after enjoying a fine slice and I found this hollow jack 'o' lantern decoration. There is a circular hole in the back for mounting a glowing light. I am thinking this hole would be great to mount a lens or peep hole of some sort and to turn the interior into a carnival like display space made up of halloween theme models in action. The cool thing is a viewer can peek through the eye or mouth hole at how the scene is constructed while they peer through the peep hole they see a more cinematic vision of the scene;)

Too cool for school.

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