July 31, 2011

Purple preview

So those who know of this blog get a preview of what I'm creating for the upcoming 'purple show'.  My latest work is a Rhinoceros done in in purple acrylic, this show is coming up quick, I need a quicker drying time, so no oil paint for this one ;(

Here is the first stage. The rhino is inspired by a quote and photo with Salvador Dali. He thrusts his head up from the bottom of the picture plane, originally I had the idea to paint the main horn as an erect penis but I think I'm getting a little conservative in my old age.....I am just going to show the work as is. I intend on painting in a few more details but leaving the purity of the gestural application of paint. Tonight I am going to mix up some gold paint and fill in the background with that so it shines, purple and gold look so good together.

1 comment:

Fay_Moose_Art said...

You can get some of this quick drying stuff for oils in your favourite art store :)

Great picture btw