December 3, 2008


IDEA #6 - Fantastic Exploding Head

Have you ever wanted to create a memorable drama in public, around friends and family? What would be more impressive than having your head explode at any random moment. Nobody would forget an event like that!

First you will need a strong metal cap or head covering.... like a helmet paired with a yamarkule.
Then pile some squibs on top of that, maybe even small firecrackers or fireworks for the explosion part of the illusion. A cable or remote trigger will be in your front pocket for when the moment strikes you to present the Fantastic Exploding Head.

On top of the charges will be blood effects and brain bits, chunks of torn condoms look great like skin and fake blood is so easy in inexpensive to make with food coloring and corn syrup/ glycerine. I have a liter standing by under my sink for special occasions.

Overtop the stuffed shell will be a skull cap and wig. To hide the bulging it would be good to be wearing a hat, plus more blood and guts can be stuffed up there for extra gore.

so now you are ready to leave the house and wait for the perfect moment to present your fantastic exploding head, like at a children's birthday party, while visiting family at the hospital, at a theatre or performance - you'll get the standing ovation, while talking to persons of authority= priests and police, While watching a TV- scanner style, while lined up at McDonald's...... the opportunities for fun are endless!!

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