November 27, 2008


IDEA # 004 Canadian Winter Free Running Shoes

Take your favorite brand of running shoes add in the sport of Parkour(free running) and do it all in the Canadian winter.  

The shoes will have spikey bits like cleats in the toes so that when in full sprint you can get a good grip on slippery icy streets. Kind of like toe pics that figure skaters have. There will also be grip on the back heels for grinding and turning. The shoes will be well insulated to keep your toes toasty like winter boots.
 They will have 
extra support and thickness and spongey bounce in the soles to help with hard landings on cold surfaces. They will strap on and not lace up. We all know how difficult it is to lace up snowy boots in the winter. The bottoms of the shoes will be slick so that you can slide across streets making free running as effective as summer skateboarding. 

Canadian Winter Parkour= This is the ultimate form of transportation for the cold months in Canada. In fact we really have a new sport here for the adventurous Northern types. Slide across streets, scale buildings and slip past the cops on your way to get a hot chocolate.

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