November 20, 2008


Take in a breath of fresh air.  Pull the trigger. Kill the king.

Before I begin with today's idea.......... 
I have some stuff I have to tape it back together.

Recently, my empire crumbled. Every great man takes great pains and love to build a new empire. This man is no different. I will build my castle with my own hands. I will build it better with the help of my friends. There is a new fuel in my blood. There are new ideas in this machine.

I have asked 1 million questions. I have listened to the answers intent and interested, sponging up the knowledge received. I can't remember anything anymore. There is too much in my brain it is leaking out...... and not in small drips, it gushes forth like like a dyke unplugged. I have invented and improved hundreds of great inventions, all of which have never made it to market and never will. I have started paintings I intend to finish later. I draw everyday. I have loved and lost.

Now, I'm bored. Now, I am dissatisfied. In my age I have also become jaded. Now what is left for me to do? 

-Make new dreams and blog, because somewhere in cyberspace, what I cant be bothered to remember will be remembered. Thanks technology:)



Back to this idea of taping........

 I was at a buddies helping with some renovations, but mostly drawing while he did his thing.  I had to Tuck tape the Tyvek around the window while he worked on the drywall. He broke off a dull exacto blade for the job he was doing.  I recovered it from the dusty floor. I attached the blade to the end of the tape, that way I could both cut the next piece of tape needed and know exactly where the end of the tape began. So logical, why hadn't anyone thought of this before, instead of doing an ugly tape fold........ or feeling around for the thickness like a blind man........why not offer a device that could be stuck to the end flap of your tape? This device could also be responsible for cutting the next piece of tape.  The tape companies could make millions and it would only cost pennies to provide.  There are these plastic business card sized letter openers I've seen that would be perfect for this job. It's Lagnaippe, that little something x-tra.  I am most impressed by the simple things!

If you have insomnia, you'll probably see me one night at 4 am as your flipping past color bars and Ronco food dehydrator specials. I'll have my little spot.......... enthusiastically selling my little tape device.

I will call it my WONDER MIRACLE BLADE!

It is your turn to turn it up to 11, and make your future taping that much easier. 
Good luck and may the force of adhesion be with you.

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