January 20, 2009

Tree of Immortality

The tree of immortality, according to the asian classic Journey to the West, was a large tree whose fruits once eaten would give immortality, the fruits were shaped like infants in the story and I always imagined that they would cry when the gods ate them at the yearly festival. Later, the fruit became a peach, maybe because it resembled a fuzzy baby's bum. More edible and commercially available.

I had an idea to bring a tree sculpture to the Burn. Secondly, I wanted a tree/ piece of art for my acreage that would stand the test of time.

IDEA #017 - Corrugated Metal tree with Happy Apples

My idea is to take sheets of galvanized corrugated metal and to fold them into cylinders. Then I will stack the cylinders and create a trunk and branch structure with. The finished tree will be fairly light because it is hollow. The corrugations in the metal emulate trunk texture while adding structural integrity. From the branches will hang fruit. I collect Fisher Price Happy Apples, They make a really cool sound when they jiggle, so as the branches blow in the wind the little smiling children's toys will create a melody like wind chimes. 

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