March 13, 2016

My classes are the best.....

.......but the students last class let me know that they know and that they are humble anyway.

This makes me laugh so hard. Sometimes my students think I'm being hard on them for trying to get them to push further in their skills and development. Did somebody say Art was going to be easy because I don't remember then bit. It can be a real grind and the only way to improve is constant practice and study no matter how you look at it.
In my figure drawing class we did a long lit detail study for the last half of the class and the pieces really began turning out. More time would be better for most drawings but lets not overlook the value of way less time too.

Persistence is key, so keep it up and keep practicing guys and girls you are doing great.
In the words of Mark Kistler "Draw. Draw. Draw."

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