October 9, 2010

Pink Haired Cutie Honey

every time I see a well drawn and enticing cartoon cutie, I want to raw it. The thing is though, I fond them really easy to look at but really hard to draw well. At least for me.  Something I am going to work on improving.  I'm great at making them look ugly by using too many lines, but this little honey turned out. 

I fist sketched this with HB pencil, while simultaneously watching a "Nature of Things with David Suzuki" (I love that show, learning while drawing.) The lines were drawn over with my Copic multiliners (I tried out various sizes) and then the outer line was thickened and the colors were filled in with both Prismacolor and Copic markers. My collection of copic is growing as the Prismacolor begin to dry out,they can't be refilled an they stink way worse, so I'm switching over....slowly as copic's are twice the price;P

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