February 1, 2012

They're sexy, they're suggestive, and they're delicious!

See them in person!
Here are the backs of the pieces with pertinent information scribed in topic marker on the back.  Below are the next steps, (continued from my previous post) I made on my Pin up creations for the show at Untitled Art Society.
I decided to put some shadows on the girls clothing. I added more details to the banana and the dill pickle.  I used white sparkles on the fruit, yellow on the peel and two greens on the 'dillicious' dill pickle. I also added some series sparkles to the red high heels.  Following this, I outlined each mass with the gold again to help the figures pop a little better from the background.
The lovely lady riding a dill pickle, has iridescent silver shine on her long leggy boots. I added highlights and deeper shadows for details on her dress. I had to recut her blouse and rework her chest area more than once, aaaah the struggles of depicting pin up boobies ;P

I let the painting dictate.....She turned out to be a blonde. I used about 5 colours, including the white highlight, to make it happen. I had real trouble with her facial features and given more time would rework it a bit more. I gave her a little black burlesque hat and some pearls around her neck and wrist to take away from the slutty elements. Afterward, I voted each piece in Archival UV protectant varnish by golden.
This cutie rides a sparkling banana. I put naturalistic ridges in the fruit by dry brushing unbleached titanium white and then highlighting it with a transparent zinc white.  I spent a lot of time adding dark outlines on the fruit, for her skin and on her stockings. After adding the highlights to her dress and her hair piece, I spent the rest of my time on the flesh and defining her facial features and hair.  I used an iridescent bronze and some Indian red with a highlight to give her dark flowing locks. I signed this piece wit the dark purple from her dress to the right. I coated it with two sprays of Archival UV Varnish. Afterward, I cut the piece out with an matte knife to make the 11" X 17" size restriction.

I dropped off the piece and it is on display with at least 20 other pin up girls.

See them in person! Get down to the Untitled Arts Society space or peer in the window when they are closed. But do it this week, Saturday night is the closing with all us artists in attendance.

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