February 22, 2012

Count your Lucky dragon

I am still feeling some residuals from disappointment not being part of the cream of the crop in the last grant I applied for. I woke up to write about it in my daily morning pages. I have observed, it is just when I finally let it go that I get back on track and things begin to roll forward again.

I awoke to find an email from the U of C, thanking me once again for my  talk and studio visits. They were so grateful they found an extra bit of cash to toss my way. I am so thankful that they appreciated my time enough to source out additional funds for me. That makes my day, it is so thoughtful and I am so appreciative.

"Remember that everything can change -- on a day like today, anything is possible!"  

I began working on some facial and hair elements. I created a stencil out of water-colour paper and cut out the flame shapes for the eye brows.  I blocked them in with red as a base colour. I made a dark purple for the hair element and added a mid tone, later, I will add a lighter purple highlight.
 I also created a stencil for the finger nails. This adds uniformity to the bunch. I filled them in with red, which will eventually be covered in orange and yellow to match the flames.  I did a light wash over each of the squirmy bits that come out of the face and knee/elbows with a neutral grey then wiped it away on the white highlight. I may still revisit this with a lighter highlight.
In this angle shot you can see the surprise the sparkles give when light is reflected on the piece. It would be ideal to have a light closer and above the painting (Angle of incidence = angle of reflection) so that the sparkles hit your eye when you walk by and catch your attention.

Before I left the studio since it had struck midnight and my truck may turn into a pumpkin, I made a list of all the things I hope to accomplish next time I'm in. By doing this,  I will be focused in order to get this piece completed and varnished before the Saturday unveiling at Motion Gallery. I am still a very busy bunny, time management is key. I teach tonight, I have a B-day party to attend afterward, I teach animation at QAS Thursday evening and had a many other things on the go....... so I can't afford to lose my focus or direction.

Oh yeah, I got an email form the Taoist Tai Chi Society, they are very interested in using my image for their T-shirt design. (Fist Pump!)

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