February 11, 2012


Another night in the studio.....

Here is some of the lumber I got from my room mate that he collected over the years. A few pieces have a bevel and can be use to build future stretcher bars. They are about 8 feet log which is good if I need to build them for my next exhibition for Stride in October 2012.
I laid them down on the floor for the time being, I need to create some room to stack them against the corner wall. Beside them, you can see the shelf I had to paint for over the doorway. The paint was free, the great thing about the artist studios I work in is that everybody shares and swaps stuff around. I found this by the sink = score!
 Here is the shelf installed over the door. I am finding that I have too many places to put stuff now, hopefully it doesn't have me collecting so much more that moving out becomes a chore of fear. I put a bunch of stuff on it already, but I intend on putting some decorative toys and such, figure models etc in the near future. for now I'll keep them at my house in case any kids come over and I have to have toys for them to play with.
 A place to hang my hat. This snail hook was a gift from my god friend KT, it used to be in my home studio but I am slowly cleaning that out so that we can have an empty room in the house, possible for another renter. I want to get some hooks for the back of the door for a place for others to hang their jackets. I can't mount anything to it, its metal, so I need to find one of those wire ones that hangs over the door.
 Yesterday I got some new jeans, all my pairs are trashed and can only be suitable for painting. ON the way to Marks I stopped in at the Home depot to pick up a few things. I saw this shelf, at $15 I thought it was perfect for the little kitchen area I am planning to put in, so I picked one up.
Here it is by the garbage can near the front door. There is nothing on it, yet. It will probably be stacked with snacks and bottles and drink mix. I am taking a bar tending course at the end of the month. I want to get some experience in mixology so I can provide the best libations to visitors. Hopefully it will lead to work opportunities during the Stampede if I need it. Otherwise bar ending truing can be put to good use as I strive to be the "Host with the most!" The space between represents where the mini fridge will fit.
Here is the slide projector doing its work putting some old growth forrest into my space.  I went thru some slides. I cannot believe how impressed I am by my library. I have them organized by subject in huge binders. EX. Animals, Clouds, mountains, structures etc. Virgo power!  I also discovered some of famous artists, trips to NY and Toronto, Japanese gardens (i love them!), my old documented work and to top it all off slides from my first Burning Man. Woot woot! Indeed, something to be excited about!

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