February 2, 2012

Chaos reigns supreme!!!

"Sometimes you've got to make a mess to clean a mess!"
I remember this saying my mom used to say during my childhood.
It couldn't be more true. This nice weather must have me fooled into thinking its spring.  I'm working on my accounts and taxes and getting everything in order. "Out with the old and in with the new". I am also revamping my studio space.  Its hard work but it feels good. I helped a friend move this week-end, and in doing so I got my huge red bean bag chair back that I lent her. This was the impetus to create some more room. Also I have a feeling I'll be having more visitors in the near future...
The before.
So this is the view toward the door, you can see the bean bag charm hiding to the left.  There is a stack of new lumber (i.e. stretcher bars) that KT gave me for helping her move since she isn't planning on painting any time soon.
The Before (2)
I want to create a space at the back  to hang a large piece where the light is better. I plan on setting up a time lapse photography station to capture the process of creating my work over time. I ended up having to move everything in my study to make this happen. The reason the back was kept clear was that I let photographers use this half of the studio now and again. Now the room is reversed so they can use the other end for their set ups.
I painstakingly moved all the furniture and it really opened up the space. Plus having my painting table at the far end makes it closer to working on the projects. I had to move the shoddy animation table and it fell apart on my again, but nay where I hadn't added brackets for stability. I took every book off the shelf, moved the shelf, and put the books back on it. If you can believe it the three pieces lined up perfectly. You can see just behind the painting of the girl on the tiger there is a silver electrical conduit rising up. The shelf butt up against the outlet with not a mm to spare =  a perfect fit, a little tight but it holds everything together!

Not only do I have this stack of Ikea frames to deal with, I found 10 more in a free pile outside my studio. They need backings and glass but they could also be used for panel paintings, and they have a cool chrome finish = score!

I am trying to set up the half of the room close to the entrance as an inviting and cosy area for guests, to first enter that is relaxing. BIG PLUS: also for DJ Cosmic LurkN to have his own area where I'll put out my nice persian rug and have a little place for amenities and treats for peeps who sep by while he is spinning tracks. The work table I'm going to try and keep clear so I have a large working space, maybe I'll put a shelf up above it in the future to store more materials. I have a long and busy few days ahead of me but hopefully I can get more work done. Borrow a ladder and get stuff hung high on the walls, I have more vertical space than these photos show that news to be put to good use. Frames off the floor. When its done, I'll get cracking on some new paintings. I cant' wait!

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