February 9, 2012


Put up an Altar where my native painting once was.

I had a super busy/long day, I intended to hit the studio after class, but I also had the Academic Council meeting. After work I was too "pooped" to work in the studio. The good news is what I accomplished during the day.....  While doing a pre-spring cleaning, my room mate passed along a large selection of cut lumber that can be made into stretcher bars. Score! I also got a plank of wood suitable for the shelf over the studio doorway. It waits to be utilized in my truck.
I found this shelving unit outside my studio and bought it home. It is the perfect solution for an altar over my dresser, which helps get rid of a bunch of clutter. As you can see, I have a place for my raccoon and horse "piggy banks". I have a place for knick backs and collectables. Its tidy. I have some good luck charms and beautiful rocks. My incense and smudges have a good home. To the right, that black thing, is my aroma well diffuser and not he second shelf are all my essential oils and Hippy magic stuff. By tidying up this area, one more aspect of my life is in a happy place. ;)

The studio gets better, my home is better, my health is better (only 4 more days on this month long detox) = Life is better. Bring on the spring!

Oh yeah and this:

My visiting Artist Lecture Series talk at the U of C

Click here ==>http://art.ucalgary.ca/event/winter-2012-visiting-artist-and-scholar-lecture-series-presents-brian-batista

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