February 12, 2012

Still Dragin' on this Dragon

I spent a full day of work doing a little bit of tidying and moving some stuff around before getting a good crack at this Dragon piece again.
I started off with colours that reminded me of Fruit Loops. Pinky red, orange and yellow and painted the tufts on the tops of the claws. Happy with how that turned out, I took another step forward. I took a iridescent copper and added a highlight to the stomach ribbing. This in turn advanced me to take out the Payns grey and add some depth and shadow on the stomach areas.
THis new shelf came in handy tonight. Here are the selection of pigments I used and all the tools fr tonight, including my sketchbook where I made the initial drawing.
Heres my impromptu little set up. I put a chair on the floor pads, it made it really comfortable. I got them, might as well put them to good use, right?! The shelving unit was the perfect heigh. So much so, I am tempted to buy another one tomorrow! I outlined the entire dragon with white focusing on the belly areas and the base of the spine. I also blocked in the knuckles and fingers with white and then added accents with the paynes grey. I rubbed a burnt umber into the corners to add to the aged feel and vignetting.
I put in more time in the face. This is where things got exciting. I had a stencil laying around that prompted the flame work around the eyes and muzzle.  Step by step it began to get flushed out, from the greens to the yellows. I added a beard and teeth. I created a magenta and did all sorts of stuff in the purple flames around his extremities.
This closer up snap shot from my iphone gives a better view of all the little details mentioned and then some. I am looking forward to taking another stab at the piece with a fresh new look at it and eventually add my signature and be able to deliver it to the gallery all shiny and varnished.

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