February 8, 2012

Up, up and away....

thats where I'll put all these canvas stretchers!

I put in another long night in the studio, up a ladder........ screwing.
I went straight to the ladder and put up most of the remaining stretcher bars. I also emptied out the white wire rack shelving unit beside the table, in order to place foodstuffs in it instead of paint. I brought my bountiful collection of models to the studio. I spent all last night getting washing them and getting them separated and put into ziploc bags. I recycled all the excessive packaging this morning.  I put down my persian rug and inflated the exercise ball I got on Groupon. Its just the right size to work comfortably at the table.
I did a lot of things you can't see...... like replacing and packing various boxes under the table, and putting my markers, pens and Copic markers into the half desk.  I found it near the dumpster over a year ago and have eagerly anticipated putting it to good use.  It is also good for drilling pilot holes and doing cutting since the top veneer is trashed.
 I tore off the canvas on the stretchers that were a gift from KT and hung them over my work area to save more space. I left the fifth one wit the canvas intact because I like the background painting and might be inspired to work with it. Down at the far end of this photo over the door you can see the beginnings of a shelf. The wooden pieces are from a shelf that used to run along the top of my parents kitchen, where they displayed collector plates. The pieces needed pilot holes drilled in them and anchors in put into the drywall for stability. All I need now is a piece of wood to act as a shelf that can run across the top of the door.
I spent the last bit of time before the clock struck midnight sweeping, throwing out trash and bringing out my recycling. I packed up my tools and put in eyelets and wired up the back of few more primed canvases. With these off the ground it is starting to feel very spacious gain, and yet there are even more surfaces waiting to be turned into artistic visions!

There are only bits to be organized here and there so I can look forward to getting back into the process of painting very soon. Yaay!!!

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