February 26, 2012


I dropped off my second dragon painting to Motion Gallery down at Eau Claire market for the Momentum show.

Before leaving the studio the other night, I sat for a moment and gave a good look at my work, to see what remained to be completed. I made a list. The next visit I would be far more effective in executing the steps necessary to bring my vision to fruition. I do this often, this scrap has the initial inspiration for my design.
So I got on it. The first step was a ding a light violet highlight as a centre line to each strand of hair and to the fuzzy hands and tail as accents.  I then trailed a thin line of pearlescent silver to add a dull sheen along the elbow and face hair like bits. Paynes grey right out of the tube joined the party. I confidently drew around the knuckles and blocked in the claws to further flesh them out.
I did a graduation of red to orange to yellow on the nails to echo the fire and facial elements. I used the silver to add a highlight across the nails as well as purple and magenta sparkles in Gac 100 to all the parts with purple.
Jumping ahead a bit..........I signed my name after completing everything else on my list signifying completion. However I think I may add a few more things before I give it the final protective coating.
Here is a snapshot that shows the dry brushing I did to flush out the flaming eyeballs ad over the nose.I added a variety of layers and spots to unify the face. I used colours on hand as they came about for the iris details. I used transparent purples to firm up the nose. I splattered gold into the mouth and used white to highlight the fangs.  I used a mix of two types of green sparkles in a clear liquid acrylic and applied it over the face.
I hung up the work, the lighting is much lower in Motion Gallery, the sparkles catch your eye straight on.  I am really happy how the pieces look.  I am going to rephotograph them and rehang them side by  side.  i am not including a picture of the entire work here. I want you to go and see it in person to really get the feel for it.

Enjoy and thanks for following me on this journey ;)

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