February 13, 2012

Dragon Done!

I completed the second dragon painting last night.
The feeling of relief accompanies the satisfaction of achievement.

 I outlined in paynes grey all the dangly bits. Then I rubbed in a neutral very and removed some from the centre with a damp piece of paper towel.
 I mixed each individual colour of sparkles into GAC 100 in this shot cup. I applied it to each scale, respective of their colour. The green andy blue ones had two colours of sparkles each.
 The full piece in the studio to give an idea of the overall effect of the piece. I pained the claws and each finger nail. I added purple and magenta sparkles over the hair and flaming areas.
 I put a lot more work into the dragons facial features, and added purple strands of crazy hair. I added teeth made up of greys and white highlights. I added spots and blended hairs across the face and put in more work on all these details to make it pop.
I add my signature to signify completion. Then it became time to put a protective coat of varnish.
Its hard to tell in this photo, but the room is filled with a toxic cloud.  I did a crystal clear spray varnish application, unfortunately there is not adequate ventilation to do coatings. I had to escape the room immediately. Luckily, I won't be in the studio for at least a full day. I have to teach all day at the Alberta College of Art and Design. This is why I am so happy I finished the piece, good timing to allow it to dry. I will be delivering the piece to Motion Gallery this Wednesday.

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