February 5, 2012

Progress goes like this...

And then something exciting happened.....

I brought out my old slide projector. I decided to put it by a chair, on top of my bookshelf. I put on a random carousel and started to click thru. I turned out the lights, the projector screen filled the top half of the far wall. The slides weren't falling into place so I kept clicking thru for about two hundred slides, and then...... I got distracted but he excitement of seeing old slides from a trip I took to a bunch of museums in New York. I am so excited about this slide projector. So much to see, so many possibilities. I forgot how this type of technology could be so awesome! I can't wait to look at all the slides I took of landscapes over the years and use them as reference for new paintings!

Here is the view from the door, I decided not to go out at all this week-end, (except to my opening across the street, of course) instead, I reinvested my tim into myself and my space. I moved all the furniture out, set up the ladder and drilled a bunch of holes, sunk in some plugs and screwed in some long screws into the mortar.  I hung up a bunch of canvas stretcher frames to get them off the floor and out of my way.  I also hung up a bunch of paintings. I repacked some clear bins and moved the table and furniture back in to place. I decided to set up a microwave and toaster over on the corner of the table. I have a whole little hospitality section on the make. We have a communal kitchen and fridge at the studio but I wanted a little area in here for guests. The toaster oven can be used for sculpey too.
This is the view toward the door. You can see all the canvases and empty stretchers hung above. The table is still pretty chaotic but I'm working on it.  I spend the whole night doing stuff after the brief distraction of the slides. I was jazzed, not really tired at all, things are going so good. My space is really coming along and I am very excited to hang out in there a lot more. I made a list of all the bits and pieces I need to grab before I get back to arranging the space; from speaker wire and extension cables, to a shelf and hangers for near the door. This is going to be sweet by the end of the week!

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