February 17, 2012

Divine Inspiration Lecture

Phew, I'm glad that's over.

I gave an artist lecture for a terrific group at the U of C.  It was really nice walking into the building and seeing my rainbow deity on posters all over the place.
Lisa Benschop from Stride came down and brought some exhibition invites for future openings. There were just a few 70's style chairs left empty.

I often forget how difficult it is to present to a large group. I shared my secrets and some of the lessons I've learned as my practice develops while showing a small selection of slides. These kind of personal outpourings can deplete the energy and make one feel very vulnerable.

That being said, there is a flip side: I shared my perspective in hopes of inspiring those in attendance to feel inspired, to believe in themselves and to find their paths and become a veritable force to be reckoned with.

- I may have inspired somebody (Samira) to take up painting, RAD!  Keep your eyes peeled for it.

- One gent compared me to Michelangelo, an extremely generous compliment.

- I took a lot out of the older people in the crowd and the few with obvious hangovers, they will wake up with a Eureka!! moment after their naps.

There were some great question and reflections following my talk. I was told by a few bright and shiny eyed people from the audience that it was inspiration and the best talk they've seen because usually the speakers are boring (so I'm told). Boring is not a word for my lexicon.

The generous and noteworthy host, Eric Cameron took good care of me, I enjoyed tea and a po-boy (but no where near anything I had while in New Orleans) in the elite (on campus) restaurant. The group was extremely friendly and great conversationalists. I made myself available for studio visits to the Grad students and had a fantastic time wandering the halls kinda lost, looking at work. I received many messages and likes on my FB page.  Hopefully there will be some follow thru and drop ins for a studio visit. Two gals are coming this Monday at 2pm if there are any other takers....... get on the Bunny train =;D


Anonymous said...

Brian- thanks again for a great presentation. A great way to wrap things up before reading week. It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to follow your blog regularly. I would love to come by your studio over reading week- lets meet up!

From Kirk aka Captain Abstract Sculptor

Fay_Moose_Art said...

Hey congrats. I wish I could be there, I bet you had fun. and yes word Boring is nowhere near you :)

Good job!

Jess Mess said...

Brian- you ooze inspiration, excitement and passion. I had such an awesome time during your presentation at the U of C. You truly shared yourself with us in a way few artists have in the past. The biggest difference, your a believer.Belief in ones self is a struggle in the arts and thank you for emphasizing the importance it plays in our lives. I admire everything that you stand for! Possibility feels closer today then it did before :). Keep spreading your passion with people in the world. Thanks again.