February 21, 2012

Re-visiting the first dragon

I spent the day off (family day here in cow town, presidents in the U.S.A.) In my audio adding sparkles to the dragons scales. I tok this painting back front he gallery in order to add some of the process I learned by working on the second one and in order to help them match each other better. I al also doing some work on the hair, face, hands and nails. Then I will give it a sign and a good dose of varnish. Let it dry for a day, then deliver it back to Motion Gallery for the unveiling of the pair on February 25th!
This picture can't do it justice, see my latest piece in person.
Here: Motion Gallery on Facebook.

I got some news today that I didn't receive a grant I applied for back in November:( However, rather than let it get me down...
I gave the granting officer a call to enlighten myself with some feedback.  They said I had very high marks and that it was extremely competitive. They thought my support material was fantastic, and my artistic merit scored high.  This was reassuring.

The feedback that I received will help me to apply for the next grant. They thought that since I was doing a lot of experimentation that I needed more time to do the things I am going to do. I can say that I will address this in the next grant, but I know I will be able to do it in time stated because I have no choice, my Show is in October. Professional peer artists think I should take more time to experiment. I really appreciate that sentiment, it is reassuring! So not getting a grant has turned into an empowering feeling that I'm going to kick ass and definitely get the next one- boo yeah! Plus as I continue to work on stuff my portfolio and support material get even better!

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