March 2, 2012

Kinda boring but exciting at the same time

So I got up extra early this morning.  My list of things to do is long.

Before bed last night, after Bar tending class and following  teaching my extended studies in animation class at Quickdraw...... I did some work on my flashcards to memorize over 90 drink recipes for my bar tending course. I have one week left and the exam is next week, there is so much to remember!

Showing off, a three martini waterfall pour.

Other things on the go, not including chores like laundry etc:

I am cutting out my dragon painting in photoshop and doing some clean up on it so that the Taoist Tai Chi Society can use it as an image to print on their Awareness Day t-shirts.

I made an application to the City of Calgary Public Arts program to exhibit my work in the windows by the C-trains downtown.

I can't wait to get things accomplished and then get some time in at my studio.
Wish me luck;)

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Fay_Moose_Art said...

WOW I want to see you trying this at home :)