March 17, 2012

One louder!

Im still at it.
In order to get a velvety finish on my support ground, I paint a third coat of tinted gesso onto my stretched canvases. After the first layer I sand with 80 - 100 grit sandpaper to take down any lumps and imperfections. After the second layer I use 150 - 200grit  sandpaper and go higher after the third layer for a super smooth and soft surface to paint.
 The required coats of gesso to ensure proper coverage is two. I do three. I go one louder!
I am a firm believer that hard work pays off. Even if it is a bit messy. This is the time not to cut corners and definitely the part to the pride in. Craftsmanship is key!

 If I want my work to outlast me and be a legacy, and if I am going to spend hundreds of hours making something beautiful, I want it to be the best quality it can be.
Thats the BATISTA promise:
Integrity & Quality you can rely on.

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