January 4, 2013


I continued work on my pirate vessel for an upcoming animation with objects residency with CAOS.
I had to take the hull assembly apart because I didn't like how it was fitting. This was not only risky, it was messy too. I had to scape and sand all the annoying bits of hardened model cement. In the end the fit was much more snug and to my liking. Sometimes you just have to put in the extra work to make it worthwhile. I clamped and used elastics to hold it together while it dries.
While the hull is drying I skipped ahead to the mast assembly. They are fragile little pieces made up of many parts glued together. While I can't speak to their stability I can say many pieces make them detailed.
I had to get a little creative to get the masts to be straight when glueing. I put together the base to the upper left and used it to balance a mast assembly upside down on the tallest mast to help the multiple joints dry perpendicular to the table.
Onto itself it is a kinda neat object. I had to pack everything up and move this project aside for another day since I just had something come up that needs to take precedence over the next couple of days.

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