January 18, 2013

Draw 'til you drop - figure drawing day 2, final session

It was a long haul but I was determined to finish the day with a stack of sketches under my arm and a sh*t eating grin across my face. I noticed the huge transformation of hand eye coordination and skill after two days. I may have stated out rusty but it's like riding a bike and now I'd like to beat my time, win the race and learn some new tricks.
This one was graphite on watercolour paper. I am much more efficient getting the line work down and with proper proportions. This is a more difficult task when drawing from life. However it is an important skill to develop for any artist.
Working on sculpting mass and dimensionality by pushing my values I also added in the reflection but decided on keeping it looser. To help set off the shape of the figure without relying on line as much I shaded in the dark circle behind her.
With a little bit of time left, I pushed a few more areas and drew some birds and patterns on the blanket below.
There was still a little bit of time left in the session..........
Here is a colour sketch with copic markers. It was drawn from the opposite angle view across the room.

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