January 16, 2013

Draw 'til you drop - figure drawing Day 2, afternoonsession

Drawing the nude from life.
Here are two from the morning session done on watercolour  paper.
I like how loose and soft they are and how the charcoal looks dry on this paper when it is not smudged.
 Here is the next model, i a 45min. - hour pose drawn with red pencil on canvas paper.

Here is the better part of this piece up close to reveal the texture of the pad.

This is the next standing pose, drawn first in pencil then the model took a break.
 After the break I felt inspired to use some copic markers, which dragged the charcoal all over the place and wrecked their tips, but it made for an interesting experiment.
 Here is a final piece from this session done on compressed charcoal.

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